Aug 4, 2013

Interesting discovery.

I've collected a lot of vintage and antique doll clothes over the last year.  I just discovered how many of my doll designs they fit!  Patterns must be made!  Wardrobes must be sewn!

You understand, of course, that this creates a great deal of time in which I can--with impunity, in the name of "research"--play with dolls.  Trading this one's dress for that one's pj's.  Giving them accessories and toys, designing props and dishes. 

Yep.  Doll making: it's not just a's an adventure.


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  1. Cute baby. I do like the pink suit.I have been getting more interested in the clothes part of the dolls. I used to think the doll was the most important thing, and it is, but the clothes do make an impression in how you see them. I am not a good designer, but we are beginning to add little extras to the clothes. You always seem to have little extras that work just right. sometimes I have a vintage item I can use and that is nice. The old things were so pretty, prettier than I can think up.


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