Aug 14, 2013

Is it Autumn yet?

No, but I can see it from here.  It didn't begin to get light outside until twenty of seven this morning, and at the solstice it's already dawning at six.  So we have that going for us.  I have nothing against light, you understand, but weeks of 103 and 104 (in the shade, yes) gets tiresome.  We don't have anything like what my in-laws in Phoenix get, but then our humidity goes a way to make up the difference, I think.

So I'll take the later dawn as a good sign, keep watering the new landscape so it can survive its first summer, and I'll look forward to Autumnal colors to remind me it's not just about the temperature--Autumn is a state of mind.

I've got a doll show coming up in a week or two--and I think I'm ready.  Since the move, I will have to reconnoiter the set up stuff and make sure I know where it all is, but it's all here.  A few new Izannahs will go this year, and a few silly dolls that I have played around with in designing clothing patterns.

Tomorrow I'll take Marie-Grace to her buyer.  She's a favorite for several reasons (the buyer, yes, but I mean the doll) and I am glad to have taken so many photos of her.  I made shoes of wool felt, and found an antique pinner apron that just fits her.

Hope your Thor's day is fabulous, dahlinks.

She's one I've been working on...long way from finished, but I've grown fond of her unpainted.

21" redheaded Izzy with a 10" brunette.  The tiny white gown is very old, but fits her perfectly.

Marie-Grace, ready to find her new home.

Embroidery on linen, antique lace on antique cotton...I love my job!
Hands are clay sculpted over wire, added to a cloth arm.
Wool felt for shoes...with a bit of embroidery and a rose for romance.


  1. They are gorgeous dolls, the clothing and shoes perfect. I love the braid on Marie-Grace & those delicate hands just amaze me. The unpainted one with the witch hat looks so pale and goth!

  2. Every one is wonderful Jan, you have an artist touch for sure!

  3. Hi Jan, I hope cooler weather is on its way too. I enjoyed seeing the dolls. I hope you have a great day at the doll show, wish I could go. it would be fun. All the dolls are pretty. Marie-grace is very pretty. her clothes are so nice and her hands are very elegant. Great job. I know the lady will be very happy with her. Your Izannahs are wonderful too. I hope you sell everything and have fun.

  4. You are well stocked for this year's show...some real beauties that buyers are going to love. I am with Martha...wish I could go! We are having a little preview of fall here and lovin' it...lows in upper 50s and highs in 80s.

  5. Jan... the sculpting of Marie Grace's hands; well, just beyond incredible! Daryle


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