Aug 22, 2013

It's Show Time!

Well, not for a couple of days, but almost.

I have done a thorough recon of the entire house, the shed, and the garage.  During our move, I tried to direct all the doll stuff to the studio, but (long story) the movers by that point were ready to just shove a box...anywhere.  So, definite recon action going on.  Plus I'm changing the look of the booth up a tiny bit, so there was fabric assessment in there too.  I know, I know...if it ain't broke, don't fix it, but I had to tweek it a little.  Photos of the set up next week.

Last week I spoke to the show promoter/hostess about some arrangements. 
At some point she said; "The Cheshire cat doll I bought from you last year is lonely.  Do you have any more cat dolls?"

I did not, but I had an idea.

Miss D's Cheshire.

Dear little Xenny had not sold.  I thought she was cute, but apparently I was the only one.  Even Miss D, upon seeing her said..."she's great, but she needs...something."  So now Cheshire has a companion, if Miss. D. likes her. If not, I think she'll find a new home soon enough.

It's funny how once in a while I miss what a doll wants to be.  Maybe it's because I make several at one time and I'm not listening carefully enough to each one.  I don't miss it big, I just stop before they're really, truly, finished.  Since then I've been reviewing a few dolls in that light.  In doing so, I went over the photo albums of dolls I've sold over the last few years.  Holy COW I've made a lot of dolls!  It's easy to lose sight of that, when I'm always surrounded by them, but a couple hundred have gone to new homes.  That's not the point, but it was kind of a shock.

Here is Xenny, all dolled up. Hope your weekend is fabulous, dahlinks.

Xenny's body is the same, but now she has stage makeup and ruffles...she's ready.


  1. I have always thought your dolls have such character....which is not easy to do I might add. If someone doesnt get it that is them not your doll. As artist we translate a feeling...period of time or a expression in our art...when a buyer gets it they connect...if not they won't but it doesn't mean the doll was not created the way she was meant to be....enjoy your show....let the dolls speak for themselves....they are wonderful!

    1. Thank you for saying that! I do have dolls that I know beyond a shadow are just perfect, just as they are, and they're still with me, not having found a home yet. I won't change a thing on those few, because of that. Don't care how long it takes to find that collector (of art? dolls?) who connects. But for another few, I know I let myself quit before they were really in line with the original vision, or maybe I just wasn't really focusing as I should have during the making of them.

      I just revisited your blog...your carving is incredible!

  2. The little kitty is so sweet. I love the ruffles. the lady will surely want this one. I am excited for you going to the show. I know you will enjoy it and sell lots of dolls. I sure would love to see all the dolls. Be careful and have a good time. Remember me to take some picures. Martha

  3. awww she looks "p"awsome!!! My guys are all sitting on the mantel still. Unfortunately Waylon and one of the furry felines in my house (their house I should say) had a meeting of the ways and now he sports his ears a little more raffishly. sigh. I love them all truly.


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