Aug 5, 2013

Photo shoot for Playing with Dolls.

I have been trying to record ideas for this stuff, as it is whirling around in my head too fast.  So photos pin the ideas down, and hold them til I can catch up.  Lots of the clothing was picked up on Ebay, doll shows, or thrift shops.  Little of what they're wearing is what they'll end up in, but it was fun to see what fit who.  Doing so gave me this riot of ideas, and I've got to mull it for a while. 
But the pictures were fun, so I thought I'd share.


  1. Looks like you have been having lots of fun. My favorite is the old fashioned cloth doll with the painted face, straw bonnet and golden yellow and red crocheted overdress or pinafore. I love everything about her. What have you painted her face with?

  2. So many fun pictures here... I love the one with the dolls all lined up on the brick window ledge. Wonder what the neighbors think of the lady next door? LOL

  3. I am like Sherri, all the dolls are wonderful, but I zeroed in on the cloth lady with the yellow dress and over dress with the big bonnet. she has a special look that some cloth dolls have. You have a lot of deciding to do about who wears what. The clothes always give me problems about fabric and color, and style.

  4. what a great bunch of dolls and what a creative idea for the photo shoot. I love it

  5. trying to play catch up, and boy oh boy, I have been gone too long.
    I think I have a box of doll clothing somewhere. I'll put your name on it.


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