Sep 17, 2013

A very quiet house...

My son and his wife and their baby left this morning after a few wonderful days visiting us.  I'd not met this wee little girl, but she is a delight, and I had serious quality Granny time with her.  At four months old, she is already a sweet-natured baby, really only fussing when hungry, wet, or tired.  Otherwise, it was all big drooly, toothless smiles and chuckles at the dog--with whom she bonded immediately. 

Josh and Montana

Granny Jan and Juniper

Josh and his phone
Papa Phil and the wee featherless biped.

Juniper loves dogs already!


We had a "burger burn and beers" in the back yard to celebrate their visit--inviting friends my son hadn't seen in a decade or more.  Sunday the guys sat around watching the game, and my daughter in law and I found an estate sale right around the corner.  Monday the guys hit the firing range while we girls played with paper clay and paint.  The cat finally came out of hiding to investigate the strangers, but by then it was almost time for them to go home!

Hope you all had as fine a weekend as we did!


  1. The best memories are with Family, I am glad you had a nice visit...Granny,♥

  2. So nice to,have thse times.

  3. Great pictures. Your children and their baby are very sweet. I know you enjoyed them so much. It will seem quiet with them gone.

  4. Fun times with family...nothing better! There are always many pretty dolls to admire here, but none to compare to your little living "doll."


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