Sep 6, 2013

What's up at House Conwell

Haven't posted since the doll show postmortem blog, but things have been crazy busy here.  Guess everybody says that, but alas, 'tis true.

It looks to be the case for a while to come, but in a good way!

On the home front, my son and his wife and our tiny new granddaughter will come down from Colorado for a while.  We haven't seen them since they left with orders for England years ago!

Montana, Joshua, and little Juniper (Bumpy June-Bug).

Then later in October, Phil's folks will visit, and I miss them so much and can't wait to see them again.  I really hit the lottery when it comes to in-laws, and feel blessed to know them.  And our Schultz will be ecstatic because he gets to see Annie, whom he is slightly afraid of and maybe a little in love with, if you'll pardon the prepositions. 

"I'm all in!"  (Dec. 2012) Phil and his folks playing poker, a family tradition.

Brothers Conwell (Dec. 2012) and quadrupeds, Schultz and Annie, hangin' with the chew toys.

On the realty front, one of our rental houses is empty now, and we've decided to sell it.  So guess who will be painting and house-repairing this weekend on her fiftieth birthday?  Phil and I make a good team when it comes to projects like these, though, so the weekend with him will be a memorable time.

On the doll front, I finished one of my post-doll-show orders, a teeny izzy (9") and she's all ready for bed in a super-fine linen gown and cap.  The lady who will give her a new home has been to visit me at every doll show since the first one...when I teased her at the show for not picking out a doll, she said, "But the one I want is sold."  So of course nothing would do but that I made her one similar.  Miss Mary has a thing for dolls in white, so little Nell will fit right in.

9" Izannah, "Nell"
Those tiny applied thumbs are quite a trick!

The small ones are harder to make, but something about them really tugs at the heart.
On the landscaping front, I planted a "Charlie Brown Tree" this week--a baby Honey Mesquite--over the objections of every landscaping adviser ever.  Don't care.  I love mesquite trees, and wanted one on our place.  The weatherman is forecasting rain for our area, but not very hopefully.  I think I will augment that hope and maybe do a few rain dances while I'm watering today.  (It's our day to water, 3 am to 7 am...yes, we set an alarm.)

Hope your weekend is fabulous dahlinks!


  1. Precious little doll Jan, just precious!

  2. Hi Jan, Good to hear from you. You sound very happily busy. the baby is cute as can be, and your son and his wife are very sweet too. You will enjoy all your company, and hopefully it will start to cool down. Your new little Izzy doll is so cute too. the lady will be excited to get her. I made two 7 - 8 inch dolls, but I didn't put on a separate thumb. I chickened out, but I'm glad you put thumbs on yours. Enjoyed hearing all your news, I am working on the house and still laboring on my fashion and a few other things. I am making the clothes for the fashion now and that is a little more fun.


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