Oct 10, 2013

Back in the Day?

I was going through my doll photo files, trying to clean and sort.  This happens to me every fall, the urge to clean, clear, sort, and organize.  Dunno why, but I know well enough not to fight it.

At any rate, my photo files were a mess, and now they're not.  Yay me!  Getting ready to list a bunch of stuff in my Etsy store, and needed to see what I have/have not regarding listing pics.  But while I was digging through the virtual closet, I found quite a few of my old photos, dolls I made back when I was still VERY new at the whole process, playing with all kinds of new ideas, techniques and materials.

I'd say don't laugh, but some of these are pretty mirth-inspiring, so chuckle away if you feel the need.  I'm still proud of some of these starts, because they represent the very best part of finding out what I can do.

"Good Bones"

Made of a cornucopia basket, paper clay, and found stuff.

Her wings move on their hinges...but she's pretty lazy.

Josephine, Witch in Green Plaid.

Old Gardeners never die...they just become great compost.

Lord Elfwin, my second gourd art doll.
He's the Keeper of Santa's list...don't tick him off.

My FIRST gourd art doll...Tiamat.  I think she weighs 8 lbs.
Six months after she was finished, the clay finally dried and she cracked all over this nice smooth bottom.

Marcelle...made with a wooden spoon, various toys, wood bits, and paper clay.

Dreaming Bunny...she's preggers, and dreaming of the baby clothes she'll sew.

Jack Frost was a challenge doll when I belonged to Art Dolls Only.

He is proud of his skills.

This one is called "Twa Corbies" after a very old Celtic song...

...again, mixed media, with lots of found stuff. 
My first wooden cat doll.  These are so fun.

Learning cloth and clay...

Mostly these days I'm making the Izannah Walker dolls, wooden jointed dolls, and gourd art...but I can't completely get away from the mixed media, because I will always look at things and see something other than what's on the surface.  That is another Best Thing I've learned from doll making.

Ciao, y'all.


  1. Jan, you have such an imagination. Didn't chuckle at all. Truly, you are an artist.

  2. It is fun to relive your creative talents with pictures. I enjoyed a look into your imagination Jan, they are all wonderful, thank you for sharing!♥

  3. I enjoyed the pictures too. I don't have a lot of pictures of some of my early dolls. I wish I had kept them. You made some neat things. Truly creative things. In a million years I couldn't make the dolls you can. I don't have the creative talent to do it, but you sure do.

  4. Your dolls are enchanting... what fun you must have creating them. Thank you for visiting me. So kind of you to come!


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