Oct 28, 2013

Original Works

Yesterday I had about 2/3 of the current (and mostly unfinished) doll projects lined up on the hearth, assessing what I need to do to finish each one.  Out of the ten dolls, six were Izannah Walker type dolls, and the others were original works that tend to take their own direction with or without my permission.  The other ten dolls in Studio Limbo are originals, too.  Their stories will have to happen later.

The lineup.

I love making the Izannah Walker dolls, and if I do say so, 
I'm pretty good at it, for no longer than I've been at it.  

But as I described what all I needed to get done with them, the husband said, "I like your original work best."  To be fair, he's not a huge fan of the izzies--that's an acquired taste.  But he's always liked the weird and whimsical things I make with gourds or wood or found materials.

Fox and Parrot...pals.



Gourd Skelly and Bat

Scarecrow Annie

Harvest Queen
It's easy to doubt, that original stuff.  Just because I think it's fun, does that mean somebody else will?  But a lady wrote to me today after buying the Rag Doll Pattern I just published, and reminded me that she's bought three of my dolls already, and would love to use the pattern to make her own "work of art".  How great that felt at a time when I really needed it...not only that my goofy folkart spoke to somebody, but that it also inspired them to make their own art.

There's no end in sight for me and this love of making Izannah Walker artist dolls.  
But I might make a little more room for Jan-made originals...maybe one sort of art feeds the other?

What feeds your art?


  1. You have been a busy girl Jan! They look like they are very patient and waiting their turn. Your Izannah's are wonderful, I must admit I do get a chuckle out of your "Jan-made originals.

  2. Yes you have been very busy. all the dolls look great and it is such a transformation to see them this way and then to see them all decked out in their clothes. I like your original dolls too. So colorful, and cute.

  3. Oh my, so many dollies. You have been busy. I love your Izzies they are so sweet, but when you show photos of your "originals" I always grin as I closely inspect them. Gourd Skelly really isn't so scary, he has heart. Scarecrow Annie is a hoot and a delightful twist on Raggedy Ann. They all tell a little story. My favorite....the little parrot peeking over the foxes shoulder completely engrossed in the story and struggling to see over his shoulder. You have a creative and slightly twisted sense of humor........that's a compliment!!!

  4. They look wonderful! and as proud adopter of at least 6 of "your" characters and a couple of your izzies, may I say I love them all.

  5. Yes, when it comes to the Izzie dolls, I would agree that you are "pretty good at it." However, I do enjoy your "originals," and agree with Sherri about your "creative and slightly twisted sense of humor." And that's another compliment!


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