Oct 30, 2013

The Scary Room

I was visiting with Dixie online the other day and said something about That Awful Room Where I Should Be Making Dolls. Well, I do make dolls there, but it's a miracle.  Of all things I've gotten done to this house, this room is not one of them.  I've put up shelves, and unpacked boxes (sort of) and gotten most things off the floor, but it's a nightmare.  In a week, after my visit with family, I will begin the overhaul of this room so it will be more useful than a place to shove things and run.

In order to keep myself honest, I'm posting "Before" photos here, so you can call me on it if I can't produce "After" photos in a couple weeks (let's say by Veteran's Day...there, you have my commitment, with witnesses.)  A few of you kind souls should consider it a mercy to call me on this.  Please.

The Blogger photo zoom feature is broken right now, so you can still zoom photos by clicking on them, but then you have to hit the back button on your browser, old school. 

The first photo is proof that I really can, oddly enough, get a little bit done.  All those dolls lined up on the hearth?  They need arms and legs.

The second is the Great Wall O'Fabric, which I must sort through or risk being found later, buried in an avalanche.

The third is just because I love monkeys, and had to put them somewhere.  So, they stand guard over the egg-gourds, which will eventually become tiny art dolls.

And the last, and perhaps scariest, is the Wall O' Paint.  This will eventually become two stations (the sewing cubby is to my right as I take this photo), one for painting and one for sculpting.  I've done this long enough to know that I need things OUT where I can see them, or I forget I have them.  And the paint is close enough in front of me that I actually do put the bottles back on their shelves, instead of setting them all around until the workspace is filled.  Of course, the workspace is a hellish nightmare right now, but I swear--I'll get it clean!

Hope your weekend is fabulous dahlinks.  I plan to ignore this room for the next week while my mother and father-in-law are here.  After that, the transformation will begin.  In the meantime, please don't send this to any psychiatric personnel as evidence that I need to be put away...it's hard to get anything done in a straight-jacket.


  1. Um, that room looks clean to me.

  2. That's because I haven't shown much of the horizontal work surfaces. :~D There are patterns and scraps and "what could I use this for?" stuff everywhere. I know it's never going to be tidy--creativity doesn't work that way--but I'm not using the work surfaces OR the storage to my advantage.

  3. Your workroom looks great to me, I also hang my dolls to dry, but like how you have hung yours so you can get more on the line, and its nice to see all your fabric, mine is all in boxes and I forget what I have.
    I also need to put my paints next to me, mine are in boxes and never get put back until I have a good tidy up, that's when I run out of space on my worktable.

  4. You are pretty organized it looks like to me. If you work hard everyday on the dolls and projects, things get in a mess, but, after each bunch of dolls is done, then you can clean up, before the next group. It does look like you have a big enough space. I mailed you an envelope yesterday. have fun in your nice work room.

  5. Looks like the workroom of a very creative person!!

  6. All the hanging body parts might be a bit Halloweenish! But, otherwise, I am quite impressed with you wonderful work space.

  7. You'd feel right at home here. I was just trying to purge my work area today, when I realized all I was doing was moving stuff from one spot to the next. And I have a BIG basket full of scraps. Why do I keep them? Because I pretend they will make lovely accents on dolls. Do I use them? Ummmm.... :) xo


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