Oct 22, 2013

Two Finished Rag Dolls

The Plain Ol' Ragdolls pattern is coming along.  We're having some electrical work done on our house (put off from last week, and the week before) so I'll have a few hours with no electricity...and that's a good time for hand sewing and pattern instruction writing!  I'm hoping to publish it by the end of the week.

So far I have two of them finished...I want to finish two more.  The pattern will show different ways to "face" the dolls--drawing, embroidery, painting, button eyes, etc.   I'll include a simple line drawing for one style of face, (not the ones here) and suggestions for ways to make hair.

Alice is my answer to our MAIDA challenge doll--making one type of doll out of another type of material.  But since I do that half the time with half the dolls I make anyway, I figured I'd just jostle things around a little and make an Alice that was NOT the stereotypical blue-eyed blonde.

This next one is not yet named.  She's simple, wears a natural linen dress with a gray-blue embroidery, and I love her!  I haven't thought of a name for her, so if you have a suggestion, please leave it in the comments!

So...here's hoping that all goes well with our electrical work, that the dog doesn't encounter any more 5 a.m. skunks (long smelly story), and that I get two more dolls finished tomorrow.

Cheers, y'all!


  1. These are nice. I like their clothes a lot. the cat is really cute. the other doll is pretty too. I like her dress too. the rag dolls are coming along good. It is good you are giving choices in finishes the faces in your pattern. I think that is the hardest part in deciding what kind of a face to put on these dolls.

  2. Ah, rag dolls...so fun and few rules! I also love doll #2. Her linen dress is so special with the embroidery.

  3. I'm either forgetting to hit the post button or my comments are going to a spam folder. :-) These are great. I like the button eyed doll with thelinen dress a lot.


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