Dec 8, 2013

Elf Shelf

I did finally get all the decorations out and up.  We have white columns on our front porch at this new/old house, which now look like candy canes (or, if you believe the hubs, like barber poles).  I didn't put lights up outside this year--electrical outlet issues--but maybe next year I will.

But the Elf Shelf is now on the mantel, and I guess it's a good thing because they sure spread out and took over!  Lord Elfwin is the guy reading "The List" on the far right (he's Santa's head civil servant in charge of the naughty/nice assements...we try to stay on his good side).  Astrid, the elf Pam sent me is next to him, and my first clay over cloth doll is there next to her.  The rest are just wee characters I have added up over the years.  Kind of like a seasonal doll collection.

The front entry has a little table where I've put Jack and the toy soldiers.  I'm not happy with this placement, but for now it'll do.  Jack is still very proud of his snowflake...he was one of my first challenge dolls when I was with Art Dolls Only.  Made with a wire frame armature wrapped in batting, then his clothing is sewn on and beaded/embroidered.  He has mohair, pointy ears, and a bag for the frost seeds.

The Schultz has enjoyed the recent cool weather as a good reason to snuggle.  It seems we don't sit down that he's not immediately on us, like glue.  Here he's keeping Phil company.  Such a good pal. 


  1. I love all your decorations. Everything is so pretty. Jack is very fine. You can tell he loves and is admiring the snowflake. It is very beautiful there with all the decorations. we still don't have any thing decorated and time is getting short. Doggy is a good pal and I know sticks on ya'll every time you sit down. He is a beauty.

  2. Beautiful decorations! I gave the dolls a little Christmas tree (undecorated). I might put a star on top.

    Shelby is like that at our house. She saw me put a cup of tea down 20 minutes ago and is still waiting for me to sit down and stop cleaning the kitchen....but here I am commenting!

  3. Nice that you have kept that first clay over cloth doll. She's really a cutie and seems to be enjoying her role on the elf shelf. I love your merry and whimsical style. A dog or cat on the therapeutic.

  4. I love the elf shelf, especially the little troll dolls. Jack is awesome with his snowflake and braided hair. Does Phil do Yoga? He and Schultz look awfully comfortable!


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