Dec 22, 2013

Learning to post videos!

A while back, I posted photos of a doll on my facebook page.  The doll was a Harry Coleman walker doll, one that literally walks when you hold her hand and rock her side-to-side.  I found this doll on Ebay (for a whopping 7.99 plus shipping) a couple of years ago, and have enjoyed her company ever since.  A facebook friend suggested I video the doll in action, so the hubs got the camera out today and we did just that. 

Harry Coleman was a ventriloquist in the early 1900's, and noticed that little girls always wanted to play with the puppets after a show.  So he engineered this doll, keeping the body light by making it a mesh cage, and actuating the legs by means of small springs.  No mechanical parts (wind up or electric) are needed, so in essence, it won't wear out if kept in good shape.  There were metal head ones and this composition type material...most of them had wigs, but this one has molded/sculpted hair.  She's in rough shape--her other hand is in a box in my studio right now--but she's still part of the family.  I call her Ebbie.

Now let's see if I can add a video to a blog post! 


  1. Jan, I saw the video on Maida. it is great. cutiest little doll walking along. She is tall too. So sweet. I enjoyed seeing you helping her walk by holding her hand. I think you and your husband were having fun making the little video. Sweet doggie too trying to help you. He is a beauty. I probably wouldn't ever have seen this doll walk except for your video. I appreciated it a lot.

  2. Yay. Darling doll...seems so lifelike.

  3. Also, your hair cut is darling. Remembering back to a post you wrote some while back about a time you decided you just had to have a hair cut, and impulsively pulled over to the first beauty shop you saw. I knew then we were kindred spirits (still have that on my mind); also became a follower at that time.

  4. Very ingenious doll. Love those saddle oxfords.


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