Dec 1, 2013

So many dolls, so little time...

I'm not talking about the dolls I'm making.  Still haven't gotten to sewing unders yet, but all nine have their second skin tailored to them.

The dolls I mean are the ones I've managed to collect over the last few years.  All of them but one are still waiting for clothes!  Does that make me a bad doll-mom?  Gloriana (my Martha doll) has a baby gown on, so she's at least covered.  Tansy (my Sherri doll) came with incredible hand-stitched clothes that sometimes I remove just so I can re-visit the incredible sewing skill.  But the few papier maches, Bubbles the Effanbee baby, the Mad Alice, a really nice china, and a not-so-nice but endearing Anita type boudoir doll?  They're all sitting around either in what passes for unders, or in white baptismal gowns just to have something on them.

And now, I've added two more: Crazy Wax Doll (from Dixie) and Theo.  Theo was an ebay purchase that cost me a whopping three bucks plus shipping.  He is "supposed" to be a girl, but he and I know better.  When I learn from a friend of mine in nearby Seguine (or Diane?) how to refinish him, he'll need clothes too!

Crazy Wax Doll need mucho help, but I love her all the same.  She's in really rough shape, so after a little more study, I'll make her a second skin, sort of like the Izzies, to keep her arms and legs from falling off.  Poor thing.  Not much to be done for her damaged shoulder plate or her melted face, but maybe with a little wig and hat she'll not look quite, well, the hubs says I have to keep her somewhere besides the bedroom. 

Crazy Wax Doll has the coolest weighted sleep eyes!  But they "thunk" when she closes them.

In the meantime, I've been decorating for Yule.  I posted a story about our new it decorated and sat for hours in the glow of its lights.  I had so much fun unpacking the ornaments the kids made when they were little.  Every year we'd sit around and make new ones to give as gifts--a tradition I continue to this day.  So they have the year written on the back...some are clay, some are leather, some are wood.  And each has a story.

The Yule Tree.

My son Josh made this in school, and the little campfire is one I made in first grade.  The little paper spiral of smoke is long gone, but the felt campfire seems to endure.

This was one I inherited from my's a leaf that's been dipped in gold.

These little bead wreaths are some my Air Force students made me when I taught Basic Instructor Course.
I didn't get to the Elf Shelf or the collection of Toy Soldiers yet, but maybe I'll get it done tomorrow.  And as my granny used to say: if there's not another tomorrow, it won't need doin' anyway.

And last, a photo of my newest granddaughter, Juniper.  This is her first Christmas, and her first tree.
Peace, y'all.


  1. Crazy wax doll was probably in a hot attic!

    1. It is amazing to me that any of these dolls make into this century, let alone in good condition.

  2. A perfect tree in the perfect place...filling your home with the joys of Christmas. Your little Juniper's photo is priceless! A beautiful Conwell doll or two would look mighty pretty under that tree!

    1. I had a fight with myself yesterday at the Thrift shop, Mary. I kept wanting to buy little kid-size Christmas clothes for the big Columbian I'd made, so she could be an Elf. I might still do it, but I think if I'm going to dress her up, she needs period clothing. Hehe. Like I'm gonna get to that right away.

  3. Awesome big tree! It's a far cry from that teeny one. I decorated our tree today, and like you, it was so much fun seeing the ornaments the kids made. It's really lifted the ole' spirit. Can't wait to see you dollies reborn.
    Darling photo of your grand daughter.

    1. I went through photos a few weeks ago, and plan to send my kids each a pile of "Christmas Past" photos. Between those and the ornaments, I'm all about the memories this year! Glad you feel a little more spirity after your tree-time. :~)

  4. Beautiful tree! You are so far ahead of me! I haven't even brought in the decorations, and I swore I was going to be on top of it this year. Ah well! Love your little grandie (and her name). Your dolls are lucky to have such a good home, and good care. xo!

  5. You have a Christmas tree full of memories. that is so wonderful. the baby is precious looking up at the tree. I bet she wants to have a lot closer look at the tree than that. I like your dolls too. The wax doll is pretty. her eyes are so blue. I think she will be pretty dressed with some hair. I think she is pretty now. the little boy is cute too. I am like you, tons of dolls with no clothes. I need to do better by them. My spirit is willing, but not enough time to do it all.


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