Jan 18, 2014

21" Izannah Walker repro...Available.

Hello!  There's a new Jan-made doll up for adoption.

(Please note: new dolls available to mailing list members for one week before others can purchase.  If you're interested in joining the mailing list, see the upper left sidebar for the link.  Thanks!) 

Please meet: Elizabeth Ingles Walker

She's an older child version of my Izannah type dolls.  She stands 21" tall.  Brown hair and brown eyes... Elizabeth's hair is painted with the double set of curls in front of her ears, and a row of small curls at her nape.  There's a fine crazing texture of aging in her finish, not readily noticeable, but one that gives her a gently worn look.

With her bonnet and basket, Elizabeth is ready for market day!  Her bonnet blooms with bits of lace, ribbon and buttons.   Vintage cotton unders have antique cotton lace trimming.  Her dress is of a well-bodied cotton gauze in deep pine and linen grey plaid.  Natural linen with hand embroidery trims the neckline and sleeves, and mother of pearl buttons close the back.  Lots of hand sewing here!  This dress is one that feels good in the hands.  Her apron is a reproduction print cotton with embroidered twill and a wee bit of antique lace.

In her market basket, Elizabeth carries home her purchases; linen toweling and kitchen twine, a small bag of sewing notions, and a bag of Granny's favorite candied ginger as a surprise.


  1. I agree with Sherri! And, wow, look at all the pretty things you have made for her!

  2. She is a pretty doll. I really like her dress and apron and the bonnet. she is serene and I do like her arms and hands a lot. They caught my attention right off. That material in her dress is very soft for a plaid and suits her to a tea. She is lovely in every way.

  3. Awesome Izzy...you really captured the feeling prefectly!

  4. She is beautiful and so detailed.

  5. Beautiful! You are so talented.


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