Jan 3, 2014

A mailing list is born...

A very nice lady wrote to me the other day and asked to be informed about dolls available, and we discussed a mailing list.

Up til now, I never really thought about it, since I'm always making dolls!  With two and sometimes three shows a year, plus an Etsy shop, it would seem I'd never have a doll that hasn't already introduced him or herself.

BUT since I tend to work in batches, that's not really the case.  I have quite a few in the "dressing room" right now---unders are all trimmed with antique lace and now we're working on dresses--that haven't really gotten their proper introduction.

To that end, I have enlisted the help of yet another primate (still having a ball with PicMonkey), this time it's MailChimp.  I wanted something to help me organize and create a secure mailing list.  It allows one to sort which type of doll they'd like updates on, to unsubscribe if they prefer, and to return anytime they want.  I've put this handy link up there on the left sidebar.

Not sure if I'll ever get around to a newsletter...I'm just too busy making dolls, gardening, and taking care of my two and four legged family.  For now, there are Jan-made Doll updates.  That is all.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Oh Let me know how you like Mail Chimp. I really need to switch over to it this year. I have Constant Contact, but it costs me 16.00 a month. I really need to see if the free Mail Chimp will work as well.


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