Jan 13, 2014

Burlap and Lace

Sounds like the name of a decorating blog.  But it's only the new valances I made this weekend for our front room windows.  They are set in under a ??? I don't know what this architectural detail is called, but you can see it in the first photo.  I liked the combination of the rough burlap and the fine lace, and I wanted something sort of neutral, so here they are.  I was covered in shed burlap fibers, and my sewing machine is not talking to me til I vacuum her out, but they're just what the doctor ordered.

I didn't want a heavy band of dark across the windows--one of the best things about this room is its natural light.  These are perfect for this.  With afternoon sun, you can't even see the lace, and the burlap is such an open weave it becomes translucent.  Third photo is of morning sun, still with lots of light.  Never would have thought of burlap as a translucent material, but it works.

Also, there's a photo of Schultz in his favorite spot...Phil's lap in family room.  He can see out the patio door and keep tabs on the neighbors from there, and he gets to hang with Dad.  What's not to love?

Hope your week is fabulous, dahlink.


  1. Nice. I like them. It is good to get something for the windows that is easy to control. You have blinds and that makes it easy to either have light or not. I love the look of Burlap. I would like to re-do some things here, move to a more casual, comfortable look, but to re-do one thing calls for re-doing a lot of things, so I have just moved on for now. doggie and hubby are very photo friendly, and look happy to get their pictures taken. good job on the curtains, but I do imagine your sewing machine didn't appreciate it very much.

  2. I like them, too! In the photo the burlap looks like coarse linen which is a great look with the lace. I sewed a project with burlap a while back, and, when finished, had to give my machine a thorough cleaning...the entire room, really!

  3. Great combo, amazing how they compliment one another. Who'd a thunk!

  4. Thanks guys. I cheated, really...they had 6 ft rolls of burlap on sale after Christmas (rustic holiday decor?) for half off, and the lace was some I got at the thrift shop...so the whole project might have cost me $15. :~) I have another roll that I plan to finish (and wash about ten times) to use as a table runner.


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