Feb 16, 2014

Izannah Walker Repros...dressed!

Not sure if Blogger has figured out its problem...I've tried to post several times today.  So far I haven't gotten an error message, so there's hope this time. 

To make a long story short, I finally have photos put together for these four dolls.  I still have one more little girl to finish dressing, but these babies are ready for new homes.  One of them (which one remains to be seen) will be my "Helper Doll" for the UFDC convention, and the others, if they don't find new homes, will go with me when I teach the Cloth and Clay Doll seminar there this summer.

So, it appears I can post now!  Woohooooo!

Here are the newbies.  A post tomorrow with photos of the To Be Finished Dolls awaiting attention alllll over my studio.  Cheers!


Amy...with green eyes and freckles

Caroline...I'm having trouble giving this one up.

Sarah, with her simple blue dress and blue eyes.


  1. All dolls is very sweet , but Caroline ... darling baby

  2. Very beautiful ladies & Thomas is very handsome. I love boy dolls but I don't see them very often.
    The dresses, undies and hats are wonderful!

  3. Jane Atkinson2/17/14, 5:20 AM

    Speaking as someone who does not normally go for boy dolls, Thomas is adorable. Caroline also appeals, she looks like a very thoughtfull young lady.

  4. All the dolls are beautiful. the little boy is especially appealing with his little hair style. Great Izannah's, all of them. Love their clothes and hats. If I had to choose one, it would be so hard to do, I love them all.

  5. Wonderful work Jan. You always capture that serene, far away look that the original IW dolls have.
    Valerie H.

  6. Oh my, these beauties almost take my breath away....love, love them all!!!!!

  7. Hi Jan, Your dolls are amazing. LUV them all.
    Fondly with Peace & Blessings,

  8. They are all so sweet but Caroline touches my heart the most!


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