Feb 23, 2014

Spring! Irises!

This is for those of you still buried under the snows of winter...if you are tempted toward jealousy over our early spring and warm winter, come visit this July.  That's all I've got to say about that.  But if you need a reminder that spring IS coming, here you go.  Irises!  They're the first to bloom in our garden...some later than others, so the show goes on for a couple of months.
I love irises!

Phil does too--thank goodness--and we have two long beds of them down both sides of the front walk, and two more beds winging out to the sides, in front of the house. Lots of them have big fat flower buds forming, and several have already bloomed.

Most of the iris in these beds are what iris growers call NOIDs...which just means no I.D. irises.  My goal this year is to tag and identify as many as possible, through the various websites and gardening friends.  One great thing about iris (aside from gorgeous color, heavenly scent, and structural foliage?) is that they multiply rather handily.  As mine need dividing to thin out the beds, I'll sell the excess on Ebay to pay for other gardening expenditures. I am a thrifty gardener, after all.

Tall German Bearded Iris: Dauntles (not a NOID!!!)
In the meantime, I have devised a way to tag them with numbers, saving the "real" (read: expensive) garden tags for when I know their real names.

Here's how:
Take an 8" x 4" piece of aluminum foil, fold it in halves until it ends up a smallish square.  Poke a hole in the "most folded" corner, insert a twist tie or pieces of floral wire, and BOOM!  Instant garden tag.  Use a not-too-sharp pencil to write on it. The goal is to indent, not mark, because the indention won't wash off or fade in the sun.  My tags are temporary, but if you use two or three times the amount of foil, folded down, you can make some really durable markers that cost almost nothing.

Hope you are either enjoying your spring, or at least genuinely believing it will arrive!

Be well,
Jan the iris obsessed. 


  1. I love irises, too. I wish I could live in Texas 4 months of the year because of all of the beautiful flowers and birds. Oh and the great food and gracious people... I couldn't take the heat anymore, though. I live in NW Montana and love the snow for about 3 months and now I'm over it. Thanks for the reminder of spring...My irises will be blooming in about 5 months.

  2. I can't believe you have irises. I have gone north to Kansas City to babysit my great niece and it is chilly and windy. I am going out twice a day to take care of chickens! I am ready for some nice weather......... Many moons ago when we lived here in Kansas City, I actually did gardening and had flowers, I knew an elderly gentleman that raised irises. He had over a hundred different ones. I would buy some every year and ended up with lots of colors. They bloomed around mothers day. It was the one flower that I didn't kill! I love them. I have some framed pictures hanging over the wash stand in my last post. Yes, I'm jealous, but fresh eggs are so good!

  3. Pretty flowers Jan. I know you do have to work hard to have flowers. We don't have any , but we do have brushes that have flowers. Your yard is looking wonderful. I do like Irises too. We used to raise roses, but no more. I'll have to enjoy yours.

  4. Oh, the beautiful iris! We will have to wait a bit longer before they bloom here. Thanks for the tip on making garden tags!


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