Mar 7, 2014

New ideas for cloth and clay dolls...

My brain has been boiling over the last couple of weeks with ideas.  I've never been at a loss for ideas, but typically I'm all over the place with them, and at least this time (while I'm working on all kinds of projects) my concept is fairly focused.  More about that later, if I can make it all work the way I envision things, but for now,
I wanted to share Baby Agnes.

She's made from a Connie Tognoli Colombian doll pattern--the 19" one with a chunky little toddler body and funny little arms and legs--with clay for the head/face/shoulders.  She wears an antique nightie.  I plan to keep her until the UFDC convention, because she's a cloth and clay doll in a style I've never done before. 


  1. She is really quite lovely. You must be very pleased with the way she turned out.

    1. Thank you! I am pleased...especially since she's been sitting up on that shelf for a year & a half, waiting for me to finish her. Maybe I should have named her Patience. :~D

    2. She is a pretty doll. She has such pretty blue eyes and a sweet mouth too. Her hair makes her seem older, it is a pretty color and style. You should make her a special dress.

  2. Agnes really doesn't look like a baby, but she surely is pretty. I do think her hair makes her appear older. And, I agree with Martha that she needs a special dress, maybe one inspired by the old antique ones. Time to get out the big book, "The Doll." Or at least that's what I do!


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