Mar 3, 2014

Works in progress...

Between the gardening, selling two more rent houses, and preparing for the UFDC convention this summer, I'm feeling a little scattered.  My dolls are taking the brunt of it all, but maybe that's a good thing.  The ones who have sat, ignored in favor of the Izannahs, are finally being finished, and one new one is in the works because, well, just because.

I had a cleaning frenzy a while back, and during this frenzy I vowed to FINISH all the started projects so that I could start new ones later this year.  Easier said than done, but I've made a few inroads with some of the poor dears. 

This one is a cloth and clay doll with a small version of Connie's Columbian body.  She needed a wig, and I'd had a long black wig on her...but it just didn't work for me.  So she traded with a doll-in-progress, and they both seemed to benefit.  Here are photos of before and after the switch...

Baby Agnes, before
Dragonfly Dancer, before

And then I discovered that they wore the same size wig.  Hmmm....

I love the red hair!
Iridescent colors around her eyes...  

While I was gathering up To Be Finished dolls, I found this poor thing, who was assembled sometime early 2013.  There was no sculpting, just an egg head with eyes...she looked pretty weird for a while. But now she's sculpted, so least she can be Weird With Attitude.  I plan to paint her as a contemplative (plotting?) version of the Queen of Hearts.

So much potential after the initial white wash!

Then there was this rabbit fellow, and his buddy.  I used a cat food can (don't tell!) and created a top to fit it, so now it's an Easter Candy Container.  Call it "Spring on Bloom Hill".  His little bucket is so tiny--way smaller than the end of my pinky finger--and it swings on its handle.


There seems to be a preponderance of rabbit dolls this year, but I think I'll just go with it and see what happens.  The following is the rabbit doll I'd posted about earlier (or did I?) and then some little spool dolls that sort of "fill in the cracks" at doll shows. 

Well, that's all for now.  I have chores to do, which don't involve dolls (how sad is that?).  Hope your week is fabulous, dahlink!


  1. It seems you have made great progress on these little people. I agree that the wig switch was a good one... two lovely dollls. And, I really don't think there can be too many your fellows!

  2. Well, your working hard as usual and a lot of pretty dolls are coming out. I like the wig change too, it suits both dolls. the queen of hearts is really nice and I know she will be beautiful. I like all the dolls your are making , and the little rabbit candy container is just as cute as can be with his little basket.

  3. I agree with the wig change too. Spring On Bloom Hill is absolutely adorable. You can never have too many rabbits!

  4. I love your little rabbit standing on the hill. Just what I needed to see today (instead of all this dang snow!). Your dolls have such pensive expressions. Beautiful work!


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