May 19, 2014


I confess that I cannot pass up a chance to try growing plants from seed.  Knowing the logistics--the wasted time, money and effort when something doesn't sprout--just doesn't seem to phase me.  Not all my attempts have been failures.  I have a couple of rose bushes I grew from seeds--they are the Romer's Hip Happy, a rose that makes big rose hips with easy to sprout seeds.  But still!

So when I came down with the Iris Virus this year, of course it would not do but I had to grow iris from seed.  In trying to identify so many of my No I.D. ("noids") iris, I learned that there are a seemingly infinite variety of them!  My favorite is and always will be the tall bearded, but I have a few of the different kinds now.  And most of these are in part to my little trays of seedlings.

Here are few photos of the "lab" where I have tended the trays and fussed over the little green sprouts.  They will need potting up and careful nursing through a blistering summer.  But by fall, they should be strong enough to plant in the beds out front. 

The nursery!  (a.k.a. the labORatory.  hwaahahaha...)

Red flag iris, blue flag, and some Siberians. 

A tiny rose, black sage shrubs, senna corymbosa, and a squirrel planted palm tree I dug up.

Tropical milkweed, for the monarchs.

Aren't they sweet?

I think this has been a lesson in patience.  It's usually two to three years from seed to bloom with these babies!  Here's hoping I will see blooms in a couple of years.


  1. One of my favorite gardening years was the one when we built a small green house and I started a lot of plants from seeds. I really never thought about starting irises from seeds, but it looks as though you are having great success at it. I hope we will see the fruits of your labors here.

  2. That's awesome. Will look forward to seeing the results of your labor. Love the iris, I too like the tall bearded variety. This spring we cut back the ivy to the ground. So, all around the house are bare spots. I actually planted cucumbers, tomatoes, green and hot peppers around the house. It's a house garden, ha ha! Hopefully, the bunnies and other critters will share with us!

  3. Good job on the seeds. It is fun and rewarding if you get them to come up and live. Your determination will pay off.

  4. I've never tried to grow either iris or roses from seed... sounds challenging. But i may have to try it...


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