Jul 15, 2014

More finished dolls...

I've just about finished all the things I "had" to do regarding UFDC.  Of course, I'd love to have finished the OTHER half of the dolls, but as they work very well in their "in process" stages for the seminar, they're coming along anyway.

But here are two more.  I posted Tuxedo Kitty yesterday on FB, and Hugo today. 

Somebody once told me that I seldom make a doll with a smile.  I realized she was right.  I've always been a little leery of smiling dolls (call it the Chucky Factor?), so I set out to challenge myself.  These guys are okay...


  1. No doubt, they are happy to be heading to the convention. They make me smile, for sure!

  2. Love these two. I have to say that the Kitty is very excellent and striking to me. The black and white grabs your attention. Truly beautiful. Hugo is very fine too, but something really draws me about the black and white cat with the red bow. You know the old saying ( less is more ) sometimes the most simple things are the most appealing.


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