Jul 30, 2014

Surgery for the pup.

Well, he's not a puppy--he's nine years old--but he's still my baby.

Home from yesterday's surgery, and resting well.  The surgery was not badly invasive; he's had three fatty tumors removed from heel, chest, and rib.  I almost sent Phil an email update on the Schultz this morning, but didn't...figuring he would assume no news was good news. Then I get an email asking for an update. He's such a good doggy dad.

As to the update, so far so good. Still a little slow and cautious, but eating and sleeping fine.  Doc says to help him down from the furniture, but sometimes he doesn't wait for me.  Doesn't seem inclined to mess with his stitches, which was a big worry. Maybe he's avoiding that awful Elizabethan collar after having to sleep with it on last night. 

So, as much as it stinks for him at the moment, he WILL get better, and without those lipomas to bother him.  Within a week he'll be running around happy and healthy, barking from his well-guarded yard at marauding stroller-mommies and dastardly joggers. 

An old photo...he's "helping" Phil read a novel on the Nook.

In the meantime, he gets tuna fish for a treat, and I help him down off the couch pillows. 


  1. glad your doggy is doing good after his surgery. I am sure he will bounce back right away. It is hard when your pet has a problem, but it sounds like he will be fine.

  2. I completely understand the concerns doggy parents go through when their babies aren't feeling well. Hopefully the Schultz will continue to leave the stitches alone. We didn't have such luck with Nell when she had her surgery - ended up wearing that horrid collar for a month.

  3. Glad the Schultz is doing well, he deserves a steady diet of special treats for a while!


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