Aug 27, 2014

Working on orders and some new faces.

I spent this last weekend cleaning out the studio (again) and moving all the doll class stuff out of the dining room where it had begun to take over (again).  The studio is so functional now that it's really a pleasure to work in there.  My mother-in-law (wave hello MJ!) would probably still have an anxiety attack upon entering, but to those of us bent this way, it's wonderful!  Haha!

So the last couple of days have been about finishing some Molly Dolls, a small Izannah, a large Izannah, and several character dolls.  I'm working to improve the hands-on art doll class, and getting ready for the online class that will begin in November.

Here are some faces I've been working on, and the dolls my students made in last week's class--they still need arms and legs and clothes!

"Jack Frost" doll in the making.

Molly Doll

Phil's favorite.

My art doll using the mask I include in my hands-on class.

Joann's Doll

Laura's Doll

Hope your week is progressing as you'd like it to!


  1. I so enjoy these little visits to your studio...always so much to admire! I really can't decide which of the three art dolls I like best. Love them all!

    1. Imagine how much fun we could have, visiting each other's studios and creating together!

  2. Gee, I wish I lived closer...............I'd definitely take your class.

    1. Maybe you can take the online one? First one starts November 1st. :~)

  3. You are doing so good with your classes. The dolls are great. I know your students appreciate you. The one face mask is good as the dolls are so different, you can make any number of dolls with it.


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