Sep 25, 2014

Doll show post mortem...

In a word, it went well.  Not as well as the UFDC convention, but that was a one-off anyway, so now I'm jaded.  Haha! 

The actual attendance--on terms of customers and venders both--was amazingly low, and Dorothy sent out poling letters to the vendors to ask for feedback.  Turns out that most vendors did well enough, despite the low attendance, to vote Keep the Schertz Show, but Change the Dates.  This was the third show in September, so we can assume that timing was the issue.  The site itself (Schertz Civic Center) is one of my favorites--well appointed, spacious, great parking, and easy load/unload access for vendors.  So, now the date is back to August, and we'll see what happens next year. 

One of my students from the first art doll class brought her finished doll--I was so pleased to see her!  This sweet dolly was inspired by the old chinas, and Joann found an antique dress that just fit her perfectly.  Hard to believe the girl had never made a doll in her life, isn't it?

Joann's doll is there against the "class dolls" I brought in attempt to fill tables.  Since this summer's UFDC convention went so well, I didn't have quite the set-up of dolls I had planned for, and one whole table would have gone empty.  So I brought along some "works in progress" and a small display for the hands-on doll class.  I figured I like to see how an artist makes his or her art, so maybe customers would too.  Some folks were blind as ever--amazing how many people can be LOOKING at a sign, and not see it.  But there were a few collectors interested in the class, and I'll have to add a weekend class once in a while for week-day workers.

The Lace Lady was there, up from Corpus Christi.  Her actual name is Judy.  Of course, her Bill was there too--he's good support and stoically helps her haul and set up, sitting with her through at least half the day.  She's probably the one vendor I always purchase from at doll shows, because her selection of antique textiles is so great, and she saves me "odd bits" in a bag for a lot price.  Just enough of this bit or that to hem a petticoat or chemise.  This time I actually bought some antique slips and a skirt for the fabric, and she's promised to bring me the Swiss batiste she has, come February.  Hard stuff to come by.  She's also fun to visit with, and we like to yabber about stitching--she's a talented quilter--and creative ideas.

So the show went well, not a huge profit, but lots of fun, sold some dolls, and learned more about what works and what doesn't.  I'm getting good enough at setting up that my time is down--from the nine hours it used to take me to right around four--which includes a little fiddling around with details.

Currently I am working on another Molly Doll, a large Izannah, and a small Izannah for commissions, and enjoying the cooler fall temperatures (high yesterday was only 82 degrees!).  The little Izannah and Molly below have homes--one is on her way to Georgia, and the other will join her new mom in Florida.

Hope all is well with you!


  1. Today's a holiday of sorts for all of us who love Izannah Walker ~ her birthday, of course. I think she would be as delighted with your Izannah-style dolls as I am. Your displays are so nice!

  2. Excellent Jan. what a great display. I love looking at your dolls. wish I could make it to a show.

  3. Jan, Your display is lovely, I can well imagine how long it must take to set that up. I enjoyed looking at all your work close up. Bunnies, rags, Izannahs, stuffed animals, the whole lot is just wonderful. I am amazed at your creativity. Sure wish I could have stopped by to chat!

  4. Great display and pretty dolls. I know you sold a lot at the show. I enjoyed all the pictures and hearing about what you did there. Thanks for sharing


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