Sep 5, 2014

Had enough of Blogger, and Happy Birthday Schultz!

After years of Blogger, I have decided to export the blog to another site--some study still required to decide where.  I don't have anything against Blogger, except for the frustration of "losing" my reading list every time I log on.  But it's time to move on.  For those five or six people who actually read my blog (smile guys and wave hi!) I will be sure to post a forwarding address.

In the meantime, it's Schultz's ninth birthday, so...some pictures of him.  Have a great Friday!

Vicious beastie, killing poor Bert.

He came to live with us as a seven week old puppy.

Sometimes his back feet would come off the floor, then slowly descend as his tummy filled. 
Helping Dad get ready for work.

So snuggly.
With his foster cat and best bud, Waylon.
With his sweetheart, Annie.
With his sister, chew toy and roommate, Willie.
We are blessed to have this fellow share our home.


  1. He sure is a cutie. I know you are so happy with your baby. Let us know where we can read about your doings. I always enjoy seeing what you are up to.

  2. To Cait: thanks for the message--I'll see you at a doll show one of these days!

  3. I'm waving!!!! Blogging can sure take up a lot of time & I know you are concentrating on the business end. Please let us know where you are. I will miss you in blog land!! No doubt you will still be on MAIDA so we can visit you there!

  4. Waving! I think things have changed since I first started blogging in 2006. People connect in different ways now via Instagram, Pinterest, etc. I still like having a 'home base" though to keep my addled thoughts on. ;-)

  5. I assume you are just moving, so we won't actually be losing you. I will be watching for a forwarding address. Schultz is one of the lucky ones, having so much love all around. My Nell will be fourteen shortly. Her steps are shorter. I try not to think about it.

    1. Remember the same is true for your Nell, be surrounded by love and have a wonderful home is a fine life, whether it's 14 or 94 years. I asked the vet about "is it true about a 'dog-year' being equal to seven human 'years' " and he said yes, but on more of a sliding scale for different types of dogs. :~)


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