Dec 3, 2014

Dreaming of irises...

This is not a new thing, to those who know I have the Iris Virus.  There are a few autumn blooms out there right this minute, because our weather is so mild this time of year, and the Rebloomers (those that sometimes bloom twice a year) planted last spring are having their first chance to shine.

These aren't the rebloomers--just an old photo from last spring.  :~D
But this time, I was not dreaming of iris here at our house, or even of the iris beds I'll create when I take them to Arizona with us.  Last night I had a strange dream...Al Pacino figured heavily, but that was a different part of the dream which we will ignore for the now.  To the point: there was a Rest Home across the street from where I sat drinking coffee.  I have no idea where the coffee place was--you know odd and nebulous dreams can be--but some old people who lived in the home sat around a small courtyard in front of their place.  They were surrounded by a few scraggly iris trying to bloom, struggling in dismally neglected beds empty of little but dirt and wind-blown debris.

In my dream, I was suddenly overjoyed because I knew this was the way to fulfill a longing I've had--to volunteer my gardening skills!  Not to the local Master Gardener Program, where my hours are logged and credit duly charted in return for "certification".  I don't want my hours charted--I want to make a difference for real people!  In the dream, it was clear: I would take care of the Rest Home gardens, make them bloom again for those old people who could not do it themselves.

Those who know me well know that I have very frequent and vivid dreams.  The husband is often entertained by my morning tales of bizarre nocturnal adventures, and I have them so often we just chalk it up to Jan's Weirditude.  But once in a while, I dream of something that simply will not leave me, and I think about it all day, realizing this one was not a case of taking out the mental trash, but instead a message I should listen to.

This dream of the old people's garden was just such a dream, and I am in tears over how happy it makes me.  The town we're moving to, Chino Valley, AZ, has a very large population of elders, with a disproportionate number of elder homes for its size (only 10K population) and a facility for special needs residents as well.  I know now where I can plant--and share--some of my abundant iris blessings.

I hope your week is going well, and at least one of your dreams come true.


  1. Interesting where our dreams can lead us Jan. I can't think of anything kinder than putting a smile on an elderly persons face. As we age, the things that are important to us seem to be the simplest of things. Same goes for the things that fulfill us. Moving again? I do believe you have some Gypsy blood in you girl!

  2. When I read over at MAIDA of your upcoming move, my first thoughts were for your beloved irises. I am sure you will find room to carry with you a "start" from each and every one. "The dream of the old people's garden" wonderful! It's good to know, even though you are moving farther away, that we will still be only a "click" away. Best wishes!

  3. I think your helping make the flowers pretty for the senior folks is a wonderful thing. Not many people would take the time to do something special for someone else. The irises are so pretty, everyone would enjoy them. This will give you a good feeling of satisfaction to do this. Time well spent. I know you will be busy trying to get your move done, but it is pretty out there, A good decision all the way around.


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