Dec 20, 2014

Folk Art Santa Doll

I've always wanted to make a Santa doll.  But as it's been done so many gillions of times, it seemed pointless..."Really?  Aren't there enough Santa dolls in the world?"  Well, I gave in, and made one, and I like him.  More importantly, Phil likes him, and his strong reaction to a doll--positive or negative--usually tells me I hit the mark I was aiming for.

Next year I'm planning a series of Tompte dolls--the little Scandinavian gnome fellows with the pointy red hats.  Mine may be more adventurous in their collective fashion sense, but there's something about them that tickles me.

For the now, here is my version of a folk art Santa, Belsnickle, St. Nicholas, Father Christmas, Hogfather, Pere Noel, Popo Gigo, you get the drift.  Happy Solstice, y'all.



  1. He looks great. Just old enough. I love his clothes too.

  2. I agree about too many Santa's out there, but just the other day Steve asked why I hadn't made one this year. He told me he really likes them. Who knew! Frankly, I didn't have any wool for a beard & I'm just behind on my projects. Having said that, I ordered some wool on e-bay 2 days ago. Santa really is a great subject. I love your folk art version, he's adorable. Can't wait to see you Swedish Tomte creations. I had to look up Hogfather!

  3. Really, Too Many Santas? Never! I love your version...definitely a jolly old elf! I have made one each year for the past five Christmases, so am getting a good-sized collection. This year's little guy is just about ready to go.

  4. I'm curious, how big is this little guy?

    1. Sherri, from the top of his pointy hat to the end of his toes, he's 24" tall. Kinda skinny for a Santa, but the whole fat Santa thing never made much sense to me. ;~)


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