Dec 5, 2014

Missing my kids during the holidays...

I'm usually pretty much okay with them all being scattered over the US.  Shoot, the last few years they were in England and Japan as well.  They're all back in the states, except the youngest daughter in Kuwait for a deployment.  They know I love them, and I know they love me, even if we don't get to hug as often as we want. 

Part of being an Air Force family means accepting that we have to love each other over many miles, and sometimes won't see one another for several years at a time.  None of us are wealthy enough to afford plane tickets to run here and there, but I have a fantasy of getting them all together in once place again--something that hasn't happened in the sixteen years since they were all living at home.

I'm not the most sentimental of moms or grannies, but once in a while, I sure wish I had one of those great long tables and could have all of them, their spouses and kidletts all gathered around it.  But with them scattered in five different states, I will have to make do with imagining it.

In the meantime, I think I'll post pictures of my great kids and their kids.

Starting from eldest to youngest:

Casey, who married Josh, and has Cody, Autumn, Jennifer, and Freddy.

Jason, who has Gavin, Dylan, and Trevor.


Josh, who married Montana and has Juniper (along with two grand-dogs and a very large cat.) 

Renee, who married Jeremy and has Vincent and Connor (along with one grand-dog and two medium cats.)

I miss them all greatly, but they are living good lives, they are well and happy, and they make me a very proud mom.


  1. What a beautiful family! Could be that when you get settled into your new home, they will all gather round that great long table. You very well should be a very proud mom!

  2. What a good looking group of children and grandchildren. I know they make you proud. We appreciate the service and sacrifice of your military family. Hopefully one day soon you will have them all under one roof. Our son will spend some time here at the holidays, but out daughter has always had Thanksgiving and Christmas shows in the theater. She will visit in January. I totally understand what having all our family together at one time means. It's a feeling that makes us "complete". We only have 2 unmarried children, no grandchildren, 1 grand dog & we rarely manage to get together at one time! The holidays come and go without much fanfare.

  3. Thanks guys. They are grand, aren't they? :~)

  4. What. a beautiful family, Jan! I hope that you can do some skyping with them!


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