Aug 27, 2015

I'm baaaaaack!

After a few months with Wordpress, I decided to come back to Blogger.

There is a little wobble while I try to redirect my custom domain ( back here, but fingers crossed that it will work soon.  The chat-helper at WP was generous and helpful, and said it looked like I had done everything w/ all the technical stuff I was supposed to do, but that always makes me nervous.  I'm about as technical as a bowling ball, and that stuff is so far over my head I'm amazed I didn't drown.

So I might not be able to recover the posts I made there, in order to bring them here...and if that's the case, then I might have to do a "Year of 2015 Retrospective" but it's safe to say that if the world never hears the tale of our move from TX to AZ, the new doll studio, and my new and interesting all-carnivore diet, life as we know it will continue to roll along just as well.

But to my blogger friends whom I have missed (because to Blog here is to see the reading list), I'm happy to be back among you.  Wordpress is great, but there must be something in the "free blog" thing that appeals to starving artists, because the traffic here vs. the traffic there was no contest, despite the professional quality and all those bells and whistles.  (Remember the bowling ball tech level here and you'll know how much I cared about those bells and whistles.)

Yesterday I finished NINE candlestick dolls.  I'll post pictures later today or next week.

It'll have to be one or the other because tomorrow I'm having LASIK surgery done, and I know from the hub's experience (he had his done last Friday) the first few days are a bit bleary, vision-wise.

So.  Today: groceries, and some minor housework.  Buy camera batteries, sand more doll heads.  Tomorrow: lazers zip open the corneas of my eyes and do a little etch-n-sketch on the back side, and close the flap.  Fingers crossed.  Am I nervous?  A little.

See y'all soon.
...returned from blog limbo.


  1. So glad to see you back with us bloggers.......I've missed you and your lovely dollies. Looking forward to seeing all your creations!

  2. I am so glad you (and the dollies) are back! I will be looking forward to your "Year of 2015 Retrospective." Fingers crossed here too that all goes well tomorrow.

  3. I am glad you are back on blogger too. I sure have missed your great post with pictures of your dolls, pets and family doings. Wonderful.

  4. Yaay Glad you are back!


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