Sep 6, 2015

Counting down to another doll show...

But it doesn't feel like "just" another doll show, since it's my first one here in Arizona.  Feels like I'm starting over, and I'm nervous.  The long-tailed cat in a roomful of rocking chairs comes to mind.

My dolls are much better than they were in the days when I first began w/ doll shows, however, so I will trust that this condition is simply nerves about who I'll meet and will I like them.  I admit it's a mark of either bull-headedness or advancing age that my concern is no longer "will they like me?"  Haha! 

I recently designed a new line of dolls I call "Zodiac Babies" because I initially thought of them with seasonal or monthly-calendar colors/themes when I began.  That set of themes has stayed with some and been abandoned with others, but the direction was useful in its way.  I have only finished one of them right down to the clothes, but others are well on their way.

For now, I'll post a photo of the little girl inspired by our years in San Antonio, and I'll post others as I get them dressed. 


  1. I love the new dollies. Great colors and the little girls face is truly amazing. They are gonna love you at the doll show!

  2. You're right...nothing about these new dollies to be nervous about. Your little girl IS truly amazing!

  3. Jan, you are such a sweet and talented person, you would be welcome every where. You have a lot of experience in doll making and other things too, plus you have a creative edge over many other people who can make a doll that has already been made, not a doll that is so original as yours are. Enjoy the doll show and rest on your abilities as a accomplished artist and great person. Go with confidence and have a great time.

  4. You guys are such pals. Thank you for the encouragement. :~)


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