Sep 11, 2015

More Zodiac Babies

I posted these on a facebook group I belong to, and one of the dolls is consequently sold, but she'll go with me to the upcoming doll show, just because.

There are seven more of them, aside from these and the girl in the last is waiting for her photos (and clothes, as are these) and the remainder are still in the painting and wigging stage, so they're not ready for photos.

They'll all get dressed at the same time, I guess.  Each will wear a sort of pinafore and long bloomers over the "body suit".  So, days and days of sewing in my future--along with fiddling with hair, and each of the dolls has her own doll or something to carry.  Only two and a half weeks til the show, and I have a new display backdrop to make.  We're almost to the stage where the husband has to step on one of my feet so I stop running around like an idiot. 

At any rate, maybe the seasonal direction is more clear with these girls...all four seasons are represented here... (and it's the wee Christmas girlie who is already adopted.)

Hope you're enjoying September as much as I am.


  1. Oh my!! How delightful it would be to collect all twelve! LOve, love those little body suits! Your Zodiac babies are all amazingly wonderful, so it would be hard to choose one above the others. But, I can see why Christmas girlie is already gone. Have fun, and watch your toes! ;-)

  2. All the dolls are so cute. They have such sweet faces. I hope you will take pictures of the show. I know you are super busy right now, but I also know you will do good and enjoy the doll show.


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