Oct 24, 2015

October irises and roses...

Just thought I'd share some flowers we have going right now.  I didn't get photos of the red salvia, the heirloom & landscape roses (Old Blush and Martha Gonzolez), nor the desert plants that are blooming--rock rose, desert mallow, or cinquefoil.   But some of my iris are "rebloomers" which means they bloom twice a year instead of once.

So today there were blooms of this purple and white (I've never met it before and don't know its name) and this pink one--"Pink Attraction"--which has a VERY sweet iris fragrance.  Maybe it's the color, but it almost smells like bubble gum in iris form.  The rose bushes are small right now--one because it was a 4" pot when I put it in the ground this summer, and other because I dug it up from out back and moved it--treating it quite ruthlessly in the process.  Doesn't seem to have fazed them. 

The before and after pictures are gratifying--the first is a listing photo w/ the giant house-eating junipers in place when we bought the house.  The second was this morning.

Have a great weekend, y'all!


  1. Flowers this time of year....awesome! Didn't know iris could re bloom in the same year, nor that any had a sweet scent. Here in ole' Missouri we are in our fall season and the weather is damp and cool. Your sweet home looks might inviting!

    1. Our weather here is wonderful! Dry (most of the time), cold in the mornings at 45 or so, then warming up to 75 in the daytime. The husband enjoys that our back yard is right on the golf course, and I'd rather it was woods, but I'm glad he likes it, because we both live here. :)

    2. Look at that blue, blue sky! I am sure it is feeling pretty darn good to be settled in...good for you and good for the plants, which are so lovely!

  2. The flowers are pretty. Beautiful colors and the house is really nice too. The weather sounds real nice. Good temperatures to do most anything. You always have a pretty yard.


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