Nov 3, 2015

November is calling.

I had to go out and cut the rest of the iris that were blooming last night, because the forecast called for temps below freezing in our area.  The iris will be fine--they grow up in colder climates than this, but so many of them have blooms and I wanted to enjoy them a little longer.  Usually I enjoy them outside, but right now the heavy scent of them has filled our main living area and it's heavenly.  I'd forgotten how much they can perfume the air indoors.

Here is one I'd never met before, so I have to research and figure out who she is.  It's not terribly important in the grand scheme of things, but the search is like a puzzle and I enjoy it.

Most yards in our part of the country have rock's a desert, so we can't waste water on grass.

I am happy to report that I've managed to get my thyroid medicine levels up to where I'm functioning again!  Had to resort to an OTC "supplement" until I found a doctor who would listen to a patient instead of old useless tests, but I actually woke up this morning, jumped out of bed, and didn't even think of a cup of coffee (I've been decaffeinating myself over the last weeks).  Between the return of my energy, and the corrective "touch up" I had on the lasik surgery last Friday, I am a happy and hopeful lady.  I can see to clean my house now, and I have the energy too!  (I guess the hubs will be happy as well.)

The dog is gratified by the change: I take him for walks again.  Couldn't do that before, and we both missed it.  It's amazing how much I used to take for granted.  Just having the energy to clean house and walk the dog.  I don't take that for granted any longer.  I feel like Scrooge on Christmas morning.

Not much in doll news, except that I'm working on past dolls, finishing some, dressing others.  I hope to get some dolls listed in my Etsy shop--but I keep saying that and never doing it.
Maybe it's time to quit farting around in the studio and make time to just DO IT.   (If you haven't guessed, writing listings for the online store is not the funnest part of this job.  :~)

Hope your November brings you wonderful weather and good memories with those you love. 


  1. The iris is a stunner. So glad to hear you are seein' & feelin' better. As I am aging I am trying to learn the art of "pacing myself", but I still overdo sometimes and pay for it dearly. The hubs has been having issues with his neck for about 18 months. He's been doing therapy for some time, with no change. He goes tomorrow for a shot....yuk. Hopefully, it will help out with the pain, as well as narrow down the exact spot that's the problem. It could possible postpone surgery too. It has been hard to see him so miserable, so I feel for your hubs too!

  2. Great shot of the 0h-so-beautiful iris...nice mix with the rocks, which I like, too. I wondered how the irises would do in your dry climate. Well, here's the answer, for sure. Great news that your energy is returning. Take care, and enjoy a little time to just smell the irises!

  3. I am glad you are feeling better too. A lot of things interfere with what we want to do, but having your eyes not right and being drained of energy will really put a stop to your work and daily routine. the yellow flower is a beauty for sure. I know your dog is proud he will get his walks again. the holidays aren't a great time to get alot of work done, but I know you will finish some doll work. thanksgiving will be here before you know it. The weather so far has been rainy and dismal, but we needed the rain as everything was so dry. I know it is pretty out where you live and rock gardens are pretty too.

  4. What a lovely Iris. Frost came our way just the other evening but we've had an exceptional November with temperatures in the 60s and 70s which is unusual for Ohio. I'm glad your energy is back and you're able to take walks. The little things in life really make a difference.
    I look forward to your finished doll projects.


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