Nov 19, 2015

The Schultz got a haircut.

Our mini-schnauzer, Schultz, has been the not-so-enthusiastic beneficiary of a professional groomer this year.  I only take him once every three months, so he gets pretty shaggy in between haircuts.  I bathe him in the work sink in the garage, and he's no happier about that than he is about the groomer.

But when I go pick him up, I can see his eyes again!  He's so expressive when I can actually SEE his face.  :~)

He's ten years old now...and like the husband, he's getting more "salt" than "pepper".  Hard to believe he was almost black when he was a puppy.  Our buddy.

This was a photo from late last year, and doesn't show his new hair cut...but it's one of my favorite photos--ever.


  1. He is a sweet and pretty dog. I am sure he feels better after his grooming, probably just like us when we get a hair cut. He is a fine boy long hair or short and of course he has both of you well trained to do his bidding.

  2. A handsome fella indeed..........the hubs is good lookin' too! tee hee

  3. Cute little fellow...lucky indeed to be so loved! We "kept" our son's mini-schnauzer for thirteen years!


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