Dec 2, 2015

I won a Daryl Doll!

I seldom win anything.  My daughter (who wins things all the time) would tell you it's because I seldom enter any kind of contest.  This is true, likely.  I don't often enter to win anything.

But Daryl, of Woodstown Whimsies, had a drawing for three little characters he's recently made.  So of COURSE I entered.  And I won my favorite!  The middle fellow is Fallen Angel, and he'll be headed to Arizona to hang with us at House Conwell up here in the high desert. 

I will call him Mr. F.A. Clark.  I had an uncle by that name, a bit of a fallen angel himself.

This was so much fun, that I am inspired to make a special doll for a giveaway next spring--say late February.  Never did one of I might have to investigate how it's done.  Probably much easier than I think.  Soon I'll have a photo of F.A. with several other artist dolls I am privileged to own.  The cat and or dog may feel compelled to join the fun.  F.A. probably won't mind.


  1. He is a cutie. You are lucky to win him. I don't win much either, but it is nice to get a piece of another persons work. I had to pay for my abstract paintings I just bought and of course they don't have any names on them that I would ever know, but I do appreciate the time and talent of the person who made them. A give a way sounds like fun and it does give people a better chance to visit you and see what you are doing.

  2. Good to hear you won...even if it was the fallen angel!


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