Mar 14, 2016

A new doll finished, and eyes.

Looks like I will be having further eye surgery.  First there is a retinal scar tissue issue.  But in order to correct that, there will need to be first a cataract surgery.  So...two eye surgeries in two months.  I don't like the idea, so I don't think about it a lot, but I do look forward to seeing well again.  It has begun to effect my work, so, that won't do.

Speaking of work (or play?) I finished this girl.  I call her Rosa.  She is 25" tall and her hair is very silky.  I enjoyed making her jewelry this morning (even a ring!), and I'll be making shoes for her in the next couple of days.  (I guess that means she's not really finished, doesn't it?)

Hope you all have a great week.


  1. I'm sorry to hear that you need the eye surgery but once the surgery is completed you're going to be astonished at how well you can see.

    Rosa is beautiful! I like the fabric you chose for her dress it enhances her complexion. Isn't it fun to make jewelry for a doll?

    Take care with your eyes.

  2. Rosa is very pretty and does have such long silky black hair. I remember putting a black wig on my french fashion and that was fun too. Rosa's jewelry is really nice and I know you enjoyed fixing it for her. It is good that they can fix your eye problems. Not being able to see good is bad. I was worried about my eyes and I had a check up and found nothing wrong, just my eyes getting a little weaker so I got new glasses, actually my first pair of real glasses I ever had. After it is all done, you will be able to do more and see so much better. Finding a piece of fabric you forgot you had, or knew you had it and now have a use for it is great. I hate to be stopped from working because I don't have something, so if I come across what will work, that is really good. Rosa is a beauty and another great doll to take to your doll show.

  3. She is lovely Jan! What inspired you to create her? I pray your surgeries go well and you are back to creating again quickly.

    1. As for inspiration, she just "showed up" when I started sculpting. That happens a lot. :~) Her features were so reminiscent of the girls in the area where we lived--south Texas, San Antonio--that I figure that's probably where some of it came from.

  4. Rosa is beautiful...the work of a true artist! Best wishes to you for a fast recovery. Take care!

  5. She's gorgeous Jan. Sorry to hear your having 2 surgeries, but we must protect our bods, especially our eyes! I finally see a hand specialist the last week of the month. Not a lot of hand surgeons in the Ozarks, it took a while to get in. I am so ready, I've hardly done anything creative in ages. At this point, I don't even care if he uses a pocket knife......get'er done!

  6. She is lovely! Reminds me of my beautiful daughter!


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