May 9, 2016

Dolls in progress, and a commission.

So doll show's over, garage sale's over, and Mother's Day has come and gone.  (Hope yours was lovely!)

I got a commission recently which means the finishing of these several in-the-works dolls will have to wait, but I'm excited (and scared) about the commission.  A collector in Phoenix wants me to make her four rag dolls.  One of them will be a little black faceless doll to go with one she already bought from me.  The other three are white faceless rag dolls.  No big deal, right?  Right.  Pretty simple, those rag dolls.  BUT.  She wants me to dress them using baby dresses that she and her sisters wore.  I LOVE this idea, and I'm so excited.  But she sent me these dresses and they are the dearest, most fragile looking things you ever saw.  Delicate embroidery, scalloped edges, tiny pin tucks and buttons.  I'm petrified to cut into them. 

I suppose I'll have to remember the Nike slogan and just do it.  The dolls are sewn, to be stuffed and assembled and finished in the next few days.  But I plan to take my time with the clothing.  Oh, you bet I am.   

In the meantime, here are a few on the work table, waiting (patiently? sort of) to get their sanding and painting, their arms and legs and clothes. 

Another not-quite-Izannah doll...she'll be dressed in 1920's fashion.

This poor thing doesn't even have her clay yet.

Not sure who this one will be, but she whispers that she wants to wear light blue.

This girl has been soooooo patient with me.  I think I delay finishing her so I can keep her hanging around.


  1. Love the dolls in progress. The blond girl would be a pretty Alice especially if she wants a blue dress. It seems the Alice's are popular right now. I love the first girl's bobbed hairdo too. I know you will make the lady some beautiful rag dolls and re fit the baby gowns to fit them. It is a little scary trying to cut old clothes down, but you have experience and can do it. When you get a commission sometimes people want things that are extra hard or something you don't really want to try to do, but in the end you get the job done and that is very satisfying especially if the person who wanted the dolls is super happy. I hope we will get to see them. Love all the new dolls and will be glad to see who they are when you finish them.

  2. I hope you post the rag dolls Jan, it will be fun to see them in their finery. Cutting up something fragile would make me nervous too, no room for error! I like the dollies in progress, but the last one with brown eyes has the sweetest expression. I can see why you are keeping her close. Look forward to the finished dollies.

  3. Oh wow you're such a busy bee. I can understand the scare in taking on the commission work especially with such delicate dresses but I'm sure you'll do well.
    I love viewing your works in progress. The last doll really caught my attention. Her look is quite intriguing and I can't wait to see the finished result.

  4. Jan, This doll (This girl has been soooooo patient with me.) has such LOVE and PATIENCE about her, She is amazing beyond words. Your other dolls each one is so different and so wonderful in their own way, They seem sooooo real. What a talent you have my friend, I will be looking forward to seeing them dressed, Just amazing !! (((Hugs))) Sherrie

  5. That last doll has such a sweet pensive look....lovely. What will she become I wonder.

  6. It's a sure thing that there's always something quite wonderful going on at your worktable, and I always enjoy the visit, for sure! I hope you'll not forget to share the commissioned rag dolls with us!

  7. I want to see how these girls turn out. They have such expressive faces!


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