Jun 28, 2016

Relationship challenge.

No, we're not having marital troubles.  :~)  A friend of mine on Facebook (and in real life, from my home town) challenged us to post photos of an early time in our relationship and the most recent.  I don't usually follow such stuff--challenges and reposts are not for me.  But this one sounded fun.

It made me realize, as I searched for photos, that either Phil or I one is always behind the camera, and thus are seldom in a photo together.  I might just have to make a point of getting shots of us more often.

The first photo is us in 1994, the year we married.  We were up in Heber, Arizona at the time, on a trip west from Texas to see his folks.  Yes, I was rockin' the mom jeans--only then they were just jeans.

The second is last year's, maybe in May.  Again, we were at his folk's house, and maybe that's the key to getting photos of both of us!  We've been married twenty two years in April, and we still like each other a lot.


  1. You guys look so adorable and yeppers very much in-love Q!

  2. Too cute! Glad there's no marital woes! You and Phil look great.

  3. You make a sweet couple and so happy looking together. Ya'll were cute then and you are even cuter now and have such sweet smiles in the picture. I am happy for you that you have each other.

  4. Where did the time go........great photos and I like that you are still friends!

  5. I love seeing photos of people at different times in their life. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Everyone has flaws. Some flaws can be deadly to a long-term happy relationship while other flaws are rather innocuous. John H


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