Jul 21, 2016

Back to work!

I have no excuse for not blogging, except that I haven't taken photos lately and it always seems boring to post with no pictures.  Having joined the Iris Society in our area, I discovered that June and July are the busy time, with lots of volunteer hours getting ready for an iris sale this month.  So there is that.  Not sure it qualifies as an excuse, but I have enjoyed digging and playing in the iris.  :~)  Otherwise, it's just housework, appointments, square dancing, and general busy-ness.

But I have at least been working on dolls.  I went in there and started counting to see how many in-progress dolls I have going.  Embarrassing, but I have twenty!  I know I should finish the first ones before starting any more, but the most recent ones are mostly Izannah type dolls for the upcoming doll show.  There will be three sizes--22", 18", and 15".  So I have lots of tiny thumbs to sew in the next few weeks.

Maybe I'll take some hand sewing with me when we go to see my son get married in Oregon in August.  It always takes longer than I think it will, so it's best to plan ahead, right?

At any rate, I did get a couple of photos of these that I started in the last few weeks.  I work a few hours every day, adding clay to each of them and setting it aside to dry for the next day's additions.

I'm really hungry for autumn weather, so I have a feeling the fabric choices for these bitties will be fall colors.



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  2. Hi Jane, O me O my! So many dolls you are working on! So much fun! They seem to turn out verry beautiful. I love all the faces as specially the rabbit. Verry well done and amazing sculpting, Jane!
    What kind of clothes do you make for your dolls? Or they also inspired on the Yzannah Walker dolls?
    Have a nice day and much fun!

  3. I so enjoyed reading what you have been up to. Facebook is nice and I enjoy it too, but it doesn't give that personal look at what people are spending their time on. All your new dolls are going to be great. I do think you have a special knack for making the Izannah dolls. They all have the good eyes and head shape. the other dolls are sweet too. congratulations on your son getting married. Oregon is a beautiful place. I don't wish time away, but fall is my favorite time of the year and I look forward to it too. Let us see your dolls when finished. It is always a treat to see them.

  4. You have some adorable creations in progress. I look forward to seeing the finished projects. Just curious, have you used the paper clay for your dolls in the Brown Bag molds? I've often thought it might work. My guess is you could press in the mold and then turn them out to dry. If you do any, let me know how it works. If you want to paint paper ones be sure to used an additive, to help minimize bleeding. I get mine at Arnold Grummers, but you probably know more about sizing than me!

  5. I feel a little better about the stash of my unfinished dolls... I too, am thinking "fall"... Daryle

  6. I love the new dolls you are working on. I really like the bunny doll and the last little girl pictured. They are so beautiful and amazing.

  7. Oh wow Jan I LOVE the dolls your working, I can't wait to see them finished, You have such amazing talent, I have never tried clay over cloth, That only is pure talent. Hugsz to you, Sherrie

  8. Wow these dolls are amazing Jan. I admire you're ongoing in-progress work. I must say you sure aren't idle. I'm afraid to count the dolls I haven't finished. Can't wait to see them finished.


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