Aug 1, 2016

Hello August.

Like lots of folks who live where summers are really hot and last a goodly time, August has me longing for fall (okay, actually this can start in July, but...).

Sunflowers make me think of fall, not summer.  Maybe that's because they're at their peak along the ditches and out in the country at this time of year.  Could just be the colors, I don't know. 

My own sunflower bloomed in early July.  Yes, I only had the one, though I planted many.  The rabbits ate well this year.  But the one that bloomed did get HUGE--as big as a dinner plate--though it only grew about 4.5 feet tall.  Here it is once I cut it to dry the seeds.  I'll try again next year, of course. 

Our iris group gave us seeds to plant for wild sunflowers that Monarch butterflies like, so I'll put them out now (it's monsoon season here in the high desert) and hope for the best.  Maybe the rabbits are full.  They look sort of weedy, but maybe the neighbors won't mind since they get the iris show in the spring. 

And while I was out shopping, I came across this bright bunch of red sunflowers!  Made me think of my husband, since red's his favorite color.  So I brought them home for him.  Who says the guy has to always buy the flowers for the girl?  Yes, they really are that red in person.  Amazing, aren't they?  They seem to be lasting a long time, too. 

Well, we're enjoying cloudy days and afternoon rains, so I'm not suffering the heat like my in-laws down in Phoenix are, so I really shouldn't complain.  But I love Autumn, and am ready for a little crisp coolness in the air. 

Y'all have a wonderful week, and a wonderful August! 


  1. I am longing for fall too, it's been hot and muggy here in the Ozarks! Awesome sunflower and I like the red ones too.

  2. That's one large sunflower! The wild flowers look gorgeous, love the bright yellow color and the beautiful butterfly. I didn't know sunflowers came in red. My favorite color too.

  3. wow I haven't see a sun flower since I was a kid in Ohio, Yours is just gorgeous!
    I really loved looking at your flowers Jan,Your wild flowers are soooo beautiful !Think next year if we are still living here in FL, I will grow a sun flower just for the fun and of course the beauty! Thanks so much for sharing them, It brightens up the whole day !


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