Aug 11, 2016


Well, technically it's not a vacation.  We're headed up to Oregon to see my son get married, and visit with at least three of our four kids.  And some grandkids!  There will be five of the nine grandkids present, none of whom have met each other, so it will be a momentous occasion.  I'm all Granny-stoked. 

The trip will take us up through California, where we'll stay with my daughter before the AF transfers her to Tennessee--in fact, she and her hubby and sons will head east the day after the wedding.  Then a few days in Bend, Oregon for the wedding and a visit with a son I haven't seen in ten years.  Then home, traveling east through Idaho, Utah, and back to Arizona.  We're taking the Scenic Route, but it's not really going to add much time to the trip. 

So, all in all, it'll be an adventure--longest we've been gone from home.  Neighbors are all lined up to watch the house, take care of our trash, water the plants, and feed the critters.  (By that I mean the javelina, deer, rabbits, quail, and roadrunners who live in our area.)  We've gotten to be such homebodies that I hardly remember how to leave my house.

Our in-laws will kitty-sit for us, since Willie likes to travel as much as she likes taking a bath in a car wash.  Schultz will come with us, though.  He's been traveling since he was a puppy, and is an excellent road companion. 

She heard we were packing and loading...

This is her happy place...NOT in the car.

Schultz at the beach when he was eight weeks old. 

Schultz the Road Warrior at ten years.  :~)

So...we'll see you on the flip side!


  1. It sounds like an amazing trip specially when it involves seeing family. Have a fabulous time:)

  2. Have a wonderful safe trip!!

  3. I know you will have a wonderful time. Seeing your children and having a wedding. Getting away from home sometime is great and Oregon is such a pretty place. Enjoy every thing and hopefully bring back a few pictures to show us, Take care and be safe.

  4. Wow what an adventure you're going to have seeing the kids and grandkids and a wedding to top it off! I hope you enjoy the wedding, seeing your son and watching those grandkids meeting each other for the first time. Have fun on that scenic route.


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