Oct 19, 2016

Home again, home again, Jiggety Jig.

Only I didn't go to market, to market to buy a fat pig.  I went to Phoenix for a cardiac ablation procedure.  What was supposed to be a day turned into four days, but all turned out well and I am home safe and sound.

Working on doll commissions--I have an order which fascinates me because it's outside what most folks usually want.  This customer wants Carnivale doll ornaments, and a Marie Antoinette doll.  Eighteen of the ornaments...it was daunting at first.  I usually work on several pieces at a time, but not that many!  So I sculpted all the heads, and then started figuring out hats and headpieces.  Today I got all that sorted out and then sat down to plan their face paint/costume details.

Oh my goodness!  This is so fun!!!  My job is usually pretty fun in the first place, but I feel like my imagination has been given a balloon ride around the world.

I have little time to get this and five other dolls finished, but since the hubs will be out of town for two weeks, guess what I'll be doing?  :~)  Photos as I finish, I promise.

These are the dolls the commission customer has already purchased, and which were the start of her  decorating idea.  What's funny is I made these dolls because I wanted to, not because there was a market for them.  But they languished, unappreciated by the average doll collector, because the market for them is not...wide, shall we say.  But this one lady saw and loved them--and this commission has given me free rein to get as crazy and colorful as I want, and know they will already have a home!  Woohoo!

Hope y'all are having a lovely October.  Be well.


  1. Jan, So glad the hear you are home safe and sound! I can tell you will really enjoy working on the ornaments and doll. Have fun and let us view the works in progress!

  2. Good to know you are back home and doing good. I looked up cardiac ablation procedure, not sure which one you had, but glad you are o:k. It sounds like you have lots of work to do and enjoying it all. the dolls you show here are all beautiful. I do like the middle one the best. the colors are so pretty. Can't wait to see your carnival ornaments and the marie Antoinette doll.

  3. These dolls are fascinating! I'm drawn to the doll with the orange and purple costume,love the ruffled collar. What fun to put such flare into your doll's costume.
    Glad to hear that you're doing well and home safe and sound.

  4. This third doll with the crazy, wonderful head-piece is so much fun and engaging! Glad too, you are home and healing!


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