Nov 18, 2016

Finished one, and on to the next.

Commission order, that is.  I'm currently working on an Izannah doll.  It's a relaxing thing--never thought I'd say that about making an Izzy, since their clothing is so detail intensive--but after this last order, I welcome the hand stitching on cotton.

The last order, as I had posted earlier, was for 18 Carnival ornaments and a Marie Antoinette doll.  The ornaments were fun, and a bit of a challenge, as each had to be different...the design stage was a blast, as was the sculpting.  I didn't get great photos, but I've put them in a PicMonkey collage to make this a less photo-heavy post.

The Marie Antoinette doll...she is on her way to New York now, with the ornaments.  She has wool hair (who knew you could make ringlets with roving?) and wears all the proper layers of undies.  Her dress is silk, and the lace on her underskirt is antique.  I enjoyed this challenge, and while I hope it's a loooooong time before I have to sew silk again, I'm glad I had the chance to make this doll.

A week til Thanksgiving--we typically go hiking and have a bit of turkey (both of us carnivores now, no plant foods!) and then just take it easy.  What do you do for Thanksgiving?


  1. Oh-WOW-E! What beautiful, beautiful work! And, so much of it! Should I choose favorites? Quite impossible. I must spend more time studying and admiring each one... Yes, you must love your job, and you are darn good at it!

    1. Thank you, Mary. I do love my job--where else does one get to play in paint, beads, trim, fabric, wood, felt, and clay--and get paid for it? :~D

  2. What a beautiful showing of your work. I am just stunned at the different ornaments. Never could I make that many varied and original pieces. I have to say the Marie Antoinette is so beautiful. Beautifully made. Her hair is fabulous. Love her face and dress. I imagine the person who ordered these dolls will be thrilled. I can see why making the Izannah doll will be sort of restful for you after the super amount of work you have just done. Can't wait to see her too. Happy Thaqnksgiving and be careful on your holiday.

  3. WOW you did it! These carnival ornaments are truly amazing. Such talent to come up with all the different designs of each facial sculpt. Remarkable! You're Antoinette doll is beautiful. Her hair styling is gorgeous.
    Well, now that these are all finished, it's time to sit back and enjoy your Thanksgiving Day with your hubby. As for me, I will be home cooking a meal for my husband and son. And hoping to find a good movie.

  4. Oh WOW Jan your carnival ornaments are just awesome ! and your Antoinette is just pure perfection! You are truly one talented Lady, I am so glad all went well and your home safe and healthy and creating!!!
    Hugs to you Sherrie

  5. I love the Marie Antoinette doll! So lovely!


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