Dec 31, 2016


I'm so happy my studio is clean and in good working order.  I mean...I can walk in there right now, and find any single thing I need.  If you knew how many "single things" I have in that room, that would be much more amazing.  Trust me on this.

To prove it (the number of "single things, AND the fact that each one has a place), I have taken some photos.  Don't be afraid.  There will be no great, thunderous avalanche of materials if you make too loud a step.  I even vacuumed in there and didn't kill the vacuum cleaner.  It's a Christmas Miracle.

You can click on the photos to enlarge and see detail.  I know there's it's a lot of visual clutter...but my aim is to get it all where I can use it, not a spread in House Beautiful.  We'll start the tour with a shot from the doorway.  

The entry into my little Queendom.

The painting/sculpting side of the work table.

Always remove closet doors and throw them in the attic.  You'll have better access to the storage.

All things sewing-related.  Trims, thread, buttons, lace, elastic, bias tape, etc., etc., etc.

The sewing side of the table.  (Sewing stuff in previous photo is behind the chair.)

The cutting and ironing table.  I  haven't seen this surface in six months or more.  Sad but true.

I stood on a stool to get this shot.  A thing of beauty.

The hubs built the table so I could fit stacked bins under it...but these Walmart shelves just happen to fit too!  These are stamps, stuffing pellets, and Styrofoam for doll heads.

Hats, hair and wig-making supplies, shoes and shoe-making supplies, patterns, and accessories.

The Great Walls O'Fabric.  This is my upper body workout...those bins are heavy.

That little set of white shelves is full of beading and jewelry and such...very useful.

I love paint.  This is my happiest place.

I never knew a serger could be so useful! 

From the sewing seat, looking out the door...and the end of the tour.  Thanks for visiting!

I have one primary goal for the new year...but it is a two-fold goal: to keep this room in the condition it is in these photos, and to learn to apply the same dedication and organization to the PAPERWORK side of my business.  That's all the challenge I can handle in one year. 

Y'all have a fabulous New Year!


  1. This is a tour I can appreciate, for sure! My mom's motto was, "A place for everything, and everything in its place." You have achieved that, and must be feeling quite proud of all your hard work. I hope you have a wonderfully creative 2017. Happy New Year!

  2. Jan, that's just absolutely amazing!! I have such a small space, it's organized, but everything is in a drawer or stacked in the closet. NOT EASY ACCESS. I'd love to have such a wonderful open space. Hat's off. I look forward to seeing the amazing creations that come out of that room. Happy New Year!

  3. It is "inspiring clutter"... seriously! I am drawn to the hanging works-in-progress, the colors, the textures, the linear flow of the shelving units and boxes... all very visually stimulating! Happy New Year Blessings... you are off to a fine start!

  4. What a great work space. It takes a lot to keep everything clean and in order, but it is nice to be able to start work without searching for everything. I love your work room. I know you spend tons of time in there and enjoy it. I did look to see any parts, or dolls in progress. I love to see your work. Having a dedicated space to work is the difference sometime in wanting to make something and putting it off just because gathering everything together to begin is so much trouble. Happy doll making as it appears you are well fortified to make lots of beautiful dolls and other toys.

  5. What a wonderful studio! Happy New Year, e


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