Feb 7, 2017

Red is Ready

Last October, I got to meet Connie Tognoli at our area doll show--and see her incredible work in person.  I bought a tiny rabbit, and then fell in love with her Pinocchio doll.  She in turn asked for a small Izannah, but wanted her to be dressed as Red Riding Hood.  Having always wanted to make one--and never stopping long enough to do so--this suited me right down to the ground!  So Red is ready to go to her new home.

If you sculpt, you know that each work is different, and once in a while a face "appears" that you know you'll never be able to reproduce.  That's how this doll is for me--she has a face that really pleases me.  But as Connie wasn't home to get her for a while, I got to keep Red with me a little while, and I liked having her around.

Pinocchio is jointed with amazing flap & button (not sure the right name) joints, and his detail is amazing--and Jiminy Cricket?  He's a character.  I have to keep them up high because my cat loves them.  So they have their own shelf above some of my other dolls. 

And this little rabbit!  She's only three inches tall--maybe not quite that tall.  I don't know what it is, but that teeny little dress and her teeny jointed limbs decided me.  

Red's cloak has deep olive green threads running through it--the fabric is some kind of flannel homespun, or maybe brushed cotton.  She's a small one--only 15" tall.  But I find that's a good size for collectors--as we all seem to crowd our shelves!  Her basket has a bunch of sculpted food for Grandma--cabbages, turnips, pears & apples, and several loaves of bread.  It all brought to mind my miniature-making Momma when I made those--I thought of her constantly while I made them, knowing how much fun she would have had with such an "assignment".  

I'm working on the next commission--an 18/19 inch brown-eyed Izzy who wants a blue dress.  Can I just say I love my job?  :~)  Given my new-found fascination with wool applique and such, I am fulfilling a New Year's Resolution to work on my own projects at night during TV time, and on dolls during the day.  It just doesn't get any better!


  1. Hi Jan, WOW You got to meet in person Connie Tognoli! What a thrill ! To be able to see her awesome amazing creations, I adore your Bunny, Just some thing so special about her.
    Your Pinocchio doll is fabulous! Such detail !
    Your Izannah Red Riding Hood is just incredible. You sure have a eye for perfection, LOVE her sculpted food just so tiny.
    I loved your idea about your New Year's Resolution to work on your own projects at night during your TV time,I to ahve been doing this, Number one I want to spend that time with my husband, even though we are watching TV, That is a important time, It is our time, we talk or laugh but most important we are together, I always have some thing in my hand, I really love hand work,whether it be a counted cross stitch I am making for my husband for Christmas, It is a scene of a 2 white chairs sitting on the beach with sea shells and beautiful blur water, He loved it so I bought it, will have it framed when I am finished.
    I love your wool applique ! I think it is just so you Looks like you I don't maybe it is the style or the colors but I see you in it !! I talked your ear off, See you are a inspiration! Hugs Sherrie

  2. Red is an amazing creation. You do come mighty close to reproducing the Izannah look, but each is still uniquely their own little person. It is good to have something beside the chair for working on during TV time. Lately, I have been rewriting recipes, which is one of my New Year's Resolutions.

  3. Your new Izannah ( red riding hood ) is a beautiful doll. She is sweet with shining eyes and a sweet smile. Meeting Connie was wonderful, and getting to see more of her dolls up close too. the Pinocchio is really wonderful and such a sweet little rabbit. I envy you getting to go and participate in the doll shows and meet other doll makers. there aren't any shows or doll makers here. Connie will be thrilled with her new doll.

  4. Pinocchio, Jiminy Cricket and the teeny rabbit are adorable. Red is a work of art. Her face is exquisite! Photos are nice, but I would love to hold these creations in my hand and see them up close!

  5. WOW, you outdid yourself of this doll! I think this might just be my all time favorite dolls you've made. There's just something about a Red Riding Hood and her beautiful cloak. I would say 15" is a very good size.

    Connie did an wonderful job making Pinocchio. He's too cute!


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