Feb 14, 2017

Warning: shameless product promotion!

No, I am in NO way affiliated or being paid for this promotion.  I just wanted to tell y'all about a cooking method I discovered.

Phil joined me in the Meat Only eating over a year ago, so I was cooking him a ginormous hamburger patty (just shy of a lb) every day at lunch.  He likes his almost burnt to a cinder, and cooking this in a pan--even with a splatter screen AND papertowelage--made a mess of the kitchen.  Every day.  It got to where I had to clean the vent-hood every couple of days, wipe the upper cabinet doors down weekly, etc.  Not fun!

I'm not a clean freak--one look at my house and you would be assured.  But I do have to have a grease free kitchen.  Some friends on a facebook forum (called Zero Carb Health, if you're curious) have for a couple years now been talking about the Nu Wave cooker they use and how they love it.  Well I am almost anti-gadget when it comes to the kitchen.  Manual can opener, a whisk instead of a mixer--you get the idea.  So I resisted.

But after a year of daily hamburger mess, I decided to try it.  So glad I did!  Not only because it keeps the kitchen clean, but the food!  Oh my goodness!

I haven't cooked anything in it but meat...'cause, well, that's all we eat.  But the meat!  Crispy outside, moist and juicy inside, and fast.  Super fast.  I eat a lot--over two lbs a day, and he eats almost that much (needs to eat more, but you just can't hurry these things.  He'll learn.)  and sometimes the little rack to cook on is just not big enough for both our steaks, but for folks who eat "normal" amounts of meat, you can cook the whole meal right there in the bowl--meat on top, veggies on bottom.

The thing Phil likes best about it is that once I figured the time for his burger, it comes out just exactly the way he likes it, every. single. time.  No guessing, no having to "finish" his burger in the microwave because I under-cooked it.  (I like mine rare, so...)  

The cooker I bought was not a Nu-Wave.  I wanted a glass bowl instead of the plastic one, and Nu-Wave doesn't sell one with a glass bowl.  I got the "Big Boss" on Amazon.  There are different kinds, and some work with dials, some with digital pre-sets.  I like the digital as it's more accurate.  Also, a word to the wise: the glass bowl is a heavy sumbitch, and I do clean it every day.

Still worth it!  At any rate, I wanted to tell y'all about it, and if you've heard of this "counter top oven", but wondered if it's Just Another Gadget, it's not!

I promise I will go back to my normal posts after this, but if we were sitting around having a cup of coffee together, I'd want to share the info with you as a friend.  So there.  Now back to your regularly scheduled program.

(P.S. Just in case you're curious, I'll have been strictly carnivore for two years in March...no supplements, not so much as a lettuce leaf of plant food at all in two years.  And I'm thriving!  It's a mystery, isn't it?)


  1. I am so interested in this gadget, because I am almost on an all meat diet myself. What about eggs, dairy, and nuts? Wish I could sit down with you and have a little talk.

    1. Yes to eggs and dairy, no to nuts--it comes from a plant. No plant foods! :~P Seriously, go to Zero Carb Health on Facebook and join their discussion group--tons of info you really can't find anywhere else because no doctors want to be responsible for testing patients so "unethically". Ha! So we have to be our own case studies. Some have done this for decades.

  2. Hi Jan, I really enjoyed your post today,in fact I forwarded it to our daughter and my husband, I am in "SHOCK" He told me to order it ! I know knowing about it, here is the one I just ordered

    Big Boss Rapid Wave Halogen Infrared Convection Countertop Oven - 12 ½ Quart with Extender Ring Glass Bowl - Digital Presets


    It is just the two of us now, and reading the reviews it said this was a good size. I hope so! We just started the Atkins diet, Eating lean meats ,well Gene is eating bacon, I am new to this type of diet, and it is hard for me to wrap my head around eating meats, in stage one very few veggies. But it is suppose to be a good diet ? We have a friend who lives on the Atkins, eats just meats and few veggies and has come off all his B/P meds. and looks amazing. I have found my bio family, and after all these years I have now knowledge of our family medical issues, One which is all 6 of them are diabetics , Runs in the family, My doctor is now watching my atc levels and said I was 2 points away from being a Diabetic.SO changing life style by what I am eating and trying to walk every day.Any ways I can't thank You enough for posting about the is awesome Big Boss, I am going to look on youtube to see if I can learn about this device before it gets here, I just cfould NOT believe my husbands reaction,Jan you don't know how many people you have proably helped. I am excited about getting this, No heat in our FL kitchens in the summer, No Grease! I think my daughter is going to buy one alos,I will let you know ! ((((Hugs)))) Sherrie


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