May 18, 2017

California Bound...

No, not me.  But Miss Noel is on her way this morning.  There's a nice lady who has over the years bought several of my folk art pieces, and Noel is on her way to join them.  I love making the odd pieces, not exactly dolls, but doll-ish, if that makes sense. 

This one is part of a series I did last year that I called The Painted Ladies.  They have sad or at least contemplative expressions, as is fitting if one had to endure a life in which there seems little choice of career.  

Miss Noel

I, however, have a choice and a possibly wonderful opportunity coming up--renting space in an Art Market in our area.  More about that later--exciting times! 

Hope everybody's weekend is fabulous.


  1. these dolls are very pretty. Each one so different. I think my favorite is the one with shut eyes and the headband, but I like them all. Great news on your Market Place space. You can do a lot with a good space with a lot of traffic. I would love to do something like that. Getting to show your dolls and other toys you make and meet people would be great. I would enjoy it. Let us know how it is going soon.

  2. These dolls are very pretty, and so original. You have so many wonderfully unique ideas. Renting the space sounds like a great idea; something you should have lots of fun with.

  3. These are wonderful folk art ladies. I love the facial expressions, they may appear sad, but I think they show a gentle sweetness of temperament. Best of luck with the Art Market.

  4. These are lovely Jan. Each one is wonderfully unique. I especially like Miss Noel and the one with the bonnet.

    I'm looking forward to hear about your Art Market space. Have fun!

  5. Have you heard of scent memory? Looking at those pictures, I could practically smell one of my favorite shops, that was torn down years ago. They sold herbs, toys that were remakes of vintage stuffed bears, teas, candles, handmade gifts, etc. The rooms had bundles of dried flowers and herbs hanging from the ceilings, so it the smell was strong, but pleasant. The shop was one of many, located at a place called "The Shops at Bittersweet Farm." There was a glassblower, a painter, and so many others...your creations would ga e been perfect there. The whole farm was leveled and sold off bit by bit, I miss it.


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