Jun 23, 2017

A "Just Want To" Project...

I got a copy of the Sundance catalog in the mail today...a drool-worthy collection of (expensive) clothes, jewelry, shoes, etc. Browsing through it, and intending to throw it away as usual, it occurred to me that I will keep it. Not to order from, but as inspiration for my own jewelry making inspiration!

With tons of bits and bobs gathered in the studio, I could probably make a piece of jewelry every day for a year and not run out.

But...have I made any in the last couple of years? NO! Why? Because I get busy doing other stuff, working on dolls, or (admit it...) just watching TV in the evenings. 

So over the next few months, I will make a concerted effort to play in the silver and beads a few nights a week and see what I come up with.

What is the one project you would do if you could / would carve out a couple hours a week to do it?


  1. Beading, sounds fun and very creative! I look forward to seeing some of your creations. I have a bunch of quilt squares my mother made and I need to do something with them......

  2. hope you enjoy making some jewelry. it sounds like fun. I have made a few pieces of doll jewelry. Not to much, but I enjoyed it.

  3. Take an obedience or agility class with one of my collies. I would love to do either.

  4. Hi Jan, just viewed your 'Painted Ladies' from a May posting. They are wonderfully unique and beautiful. I would like to see what you can do with jewelry. Did not know you lived in AZ. We once considered moving there but stayed in CA to be closer to family.
    Anyways, thanks for your kind and sweet comment, it is always nice to hear from you.
    Hope your 4th is enjoyable.

    Have a great rest of the week in the meantime, with Peace for all,


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