Jun 17, 2017

My ridiculous cat...

Her name is Willie, and she's just plain weird.  As cats can be, you know.

One afternoon a few weeks ago, the hubs was resting on the bed when he heard a strange sliding sound.  It was coming from under the bed--like the monsters we feared in our childhoods.  He looked down on his side, and a box had begun to appear, sliding in jerky motions further and further out from under the bed skirt. 

Apparently, my cat has decided that the empty box I keep under the bed for dolls (useful when heading to a doll show, but usually empty) is one of her favorite toys.  So periodically, she will push and shove this box around until she has it where she wants it, and then go elsewhere. 

Today we found it in front of the master bathroom door.  Weird cat. 

She's currently dozing in her too-small basket that's attached to the wooden pony-wall around the hub's office. 


  1. she is beautiful and isn't it great she has these quirks that cats have. apparently she loves the box and thinks it is hers. Lucky you to have her.

  2. What a great new look you've got here! I could hardly get past the header pic to read today's post. I think Willie would climb into the box for a nap if it weren't for that darn lid! She's a beautiful girl, for sure!

  3. Cats are such fun creatures. I have three and each has a different personality. And yes, they can be strange at times, I think this is what I love about them. Willie is too cute.


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